Blue Mountain Mule / Press

“The impressive vocal stylings on display at Summergrass continued with a Sunday afternoon performance by Blue Mountain Mule. The emotive vocal phrasings of Sharron Evans totally redefined “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”. Her voice soared above the melody, setting its own lilting pace across the tempo. Unfurling plaintive blue notes galore, Evans took this country classic we’ve all heard a million times and made it her own.”

“There is a local band that is on the top of my radar screen and they are called Blue Mountain Mule...I took a listen to a demo CD and they were good. I mean they were really good...They blew us away when they played live!...Their genre is bluegrass but they seem to be a blend of rock and roll, classic rock and a little country at times, but with a bluegrass beat to it...they are totally amazing to listen to and to watch play live...they took a song like Proud Mary and made it their own...bluegrass style. Craig Garcia Old Cal Coffee, San Marcos Ca. Oldcalcoffee.com blog ”

“Historically, San Diego has produced some great local bluegrass bands, including some that went on to reach the “big time.” ...But, take a look at the... quality bluegrass bands actively playing in San Diego now... Prairie Sky...Chris Stewart & Janet Beasley...Blue Mountain Mule...”

"Very entertaining group...We'll have 'em back...lots of humor, energy and all the things you look for in an entertaining group".