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“On this fine work of world music, BlueMonk is joined with Rajendra Teredasai, one of India’s most renowned flautists. BlueMonk, a.k.a. Rusull Soon, combines his Malaysian musical roots with his study of Western classical music and his love of electronics to create nine globally inspired compositions. The pieces are simultaneously beautiful, splendorous and deeply relaxing. BlueMonk and Teredasai are master musicians, and this unique recording is a valuable asset to any healer, meditator or anyone else looking for an aid to relaxation and mindfulness.”

“A collection of nine eclectic world music compositions composed by BlueMonk and featuring Rajendra Teredesai on bansuri and Native American flutes. The music spans soft and ethereal tracks like “Mindfulness,” “Alicia’s Dream” and “Letting Go,” along with authentic world sounds like “Cosmic Zen,” “Journey Within” and “Ancient Wisdom.” The music is ideally suited to therapeutic practices like yoga, t’ai chi, meditation and personal and spiritual awakening, as well as relaxation and easy listening. The artist sincerely hopes that you enjoy this carefully crafted work.”

“Enlightened Love can be enjoyed if an individual is doing housework or meditating, but I believe that to truly get the essence of the album, listeners have to provide total focus to the strains and compositions that are provided here. There is just so much nuance and complexity present to a track like the opening “Eastern Sun” that would simply be missed if listeners were not solely focused on the disc. I believe that BlueMonk’s compositions on Enlightened Love are stronger because they can speak to this wide array of listeners – whether new to flute work or more enlightened styles of music or a veteran of the genres, BlueMonk has inserted a tremendous amount of love and care to the tracks here. Without a weak spot to be found in Enlightened Love. As the titular track ends, listeners should be confident that they have forever been changed. Top Tracks: Letting Go, State of No Mind. Rating: 8.1 out of 10”