Blue Embrace / Press

““Blue Embrace’s ‘Fenix’ is very refreshing and contains great grooves. It’s music with a bad attitude! The powerful guitars get right to the point: not too much, not too little, but just right. Their simple yet effective cool riffs remind me a bit of Zeppelin. The drums pull together the whole foundation of their music with a great feel sitting on top throughout ‘Fenix’. They are not followers or trendy and I see a bright future ahead of Blue Embrace if they just keep on doing what they’re doing: metal with soul.” Vinny Appice Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven and Hell ”

"Blue Embrace have that edge and hunger that I recall the first time I saw a young Metallica. Loud abrasive yet soulful. I think were all going to be hearing a lot more about this band in the very near future."

Phil Lewis - Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns

"Having Blue Embrace on "Focus in the Mix with Denise Ames" proved that people dig what they have to offer. The TV show received incredible feedback not only about their music showcased throughout their interview, but also about how cool the guys in the band are! Of course having heavy metal legends such as Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns take notice also says a thing or two about Blue Embrace's talent and charisma!"

“Blue Embrace is signed to Tarot Records and Endorsed by Revolver Skateboards. The inside of the CD is a must read with special thanx to everyone who has helped them along the way with a nice little "Fuck You" section ive yet to see on a CD and I must say I Love It”

Max - Radio Ugly

“These guys are really awesome and i have to say not only is the music sick these guys went out of there way to cut a great looking album and cum out hard hitting with there music!!! alot of bands could take some advice from these brothers~~ Doc D ”

Doc D - The Doc D Radio Show