Blue Line / Press

"Great rock--great style! Terrific vocals, beats, and killer guitar work! Keep it coming!"

Slam Horse - Slam Horse

"Stopping by to check out your music and I gotta say, it's outstanding, .excellent vocals and accompaniment!"

Pete - The Honest Mistake Band

“Loving that stuff! Listen to it just about every day!”

James Pendall II

"I just heard the track, "The Fog", and it was awesome. Had a lot of raw power and soul in there. I am really impressed. You guys got it right!"

Barnsy Comics

"Very Tight Original Sound. Good Stage Presence."

BattleMania Judge panel

“BlueLine!!! Is.... "AMAZING MUSCIANS"!!! With.. The Feel of..TRUE ROCKIN"!! Blues!!,.. "ORIGINALS!! Start off!! With.. The Lead Singer!! Rick DaGrexican Martinez!!!! a Powerful!! feeling! Blues Vocalist!! with Controlled rasp!!, to The 2!!! "AMAZING GUITARIST's!!!, Dan Koby!!!!, and.. Mike Smith!!!!, Each Of Them!! Have a'.. GREAT!! Different Style of their Own!! with "GREAT FEEL"!! ,to the Bass Guitarist!!, Mike Arnold!!!!, Running up!! and Down!! of the Fret Board!! ,Filling!! Just enough!! to Make the Songs! Sound!! Full!!,.. GREAT!! Bass Player!”

Daryl Thomas Hayes - Let's!! ROCK!! TOGETHER!!

"I gotta tella ya....you guys have made it to the top of my list of all-time favorite bands to film!!! Every single one of you is a joy to watch and listen to!!! You have a magnificent stage presence! Gosh darn! I find myself wanting to relive that night of filming over and over again and luckily, I get to do it every time I watch your videos!!!"

Lacy G - J Scott Films

"Great tracks! Awesome sound! Solid Band!!!!!!!

Wayne VanSnick

"Blue Line is the best band I've seen in years!"

Leslie Skully Taylor

"Can't wait to get some more shows booked with you soon! The last show KICKED ASS!"

"SO glad I finally made it out to see you guys tonight... YOU GUYS WERE AWESOME!"

Jimmy Murphy

"Blue Line rocked last night at J D Muggs! Keep on rocking!"

Paddy Padmanabhan

"I love how much fun you guys have up on stage! Not stiff & all serious. Its very comfortable for the audience & it brings them in to feel closer to a part of the band & the music!"

Dozer Mudshell Music

“ "I love your CD!!! Every song is great! Thanks for the autographs too. I have been playing it so much since I got it on Saturday. Keep up the awesome work!"”

Rev. Paul Panos

“I happened to catch Blue Line's inaugural show last Friday at the Penny Road Pub (on Penny Road) in Barrington. Gotta say -- for a blues/rock band playing all original material, this was no first show. These guys are all rock 'n' roll lifers.”