“Believe it or not, but I usually don't get involved with other metal bands, but when I saw Blue Felix, I knew I had to be a part of the production. They are the next evolution of metal bands today. You don't want to sleep on this, make sure the "Sample of a Solution" album is on your apocalyptic playlist for 2011! ”

“ "All I can say after witnessing Blue Felix destroy the stage night after night with their lively punk rock psychedelic infused show and get continuously and consistently mobbed afterwards by picture and autograph hungry fans for the thirty day tour I spent with them is this: mark my words, BIG things are coming for Blue Felix. Huge things. Blue Felix will never disappoint you. They will always give you a show. There is not another band quite like this on earth, Mars perhaps, but definitely not earth." ”

-Pandie Suicide - barebonesmusic.com, thegauntlet.com, suicidegirlsblog.com

“In a packed State Theater where I have seen the likes of such talents as Gov’t Mule and Smashing Pumpkins, Blue Felix took the crowd with a vengeance and proved they had the talent to be on that stage opening up for one of the most successful shock rockers in the last decade, Marilyn Manson..”

Harley Quinn - The Devils Basement

“Blue Felix puts on an amazing show. They command the stage and know how to entertain a crowd and put on a stellar performance each and every time - and it is a spectacle that you must experience at least once in your life..”

“A bunch of talented guys with a sharp schtick. I am wholly convinced they have all taken full and absolute leave of their senses. Describing them as deranged would be an understatement. Any way you slice it, they lay down a helluva set!”

“If you haven't had the opportunity to witness this band in all their glory I recommend you do so NOW. To describe BLUE FELIX's sound is a challenge all its own. I say its original, soulful, fist pounding, and most of all a sound that will take these guys to the top, mark my words.”