Blue Boy Productions / Press

“I was so blown away by their heavy, yet impeccably crisp sound that I made sure to hit up their subsequent bookings. I followed them around Allston, finding them at Wonderbar on Tuesdays for Music Ecology, where they hold down a residency... as well as various after-parties around town.... It’s safe to say I am a BBP fiend”

“...the heavy bass line and insanely wild drum beat that was ripping through the room. It was exactly how you get the heat going on a bitterly cold New England night, and those responsible were none other than Alex Russo and Chris Narainen, the Boston-based live electronic duo that make up Blue Boy Productions.”

"it is apparent that Blue Boy Productions is seasoned in the ways of Glitch and Psybient styles. I find that the duo knows exactly when keep it simple and when to let the intricate production rip its way through the speakers." ... "The album is intriguing and retains a full sound throughout. Getting Deep is one hell of an impressive first release from the Boston duo."