Blooze Kitchen / Press

“come in for a listen in my Kitchen,for a little taste of goode ol Blooze”

Ace tone fun

“Peg O'Neill I Love "Whiskey train". Great blooze harmonica! Just crrrrrrazy good! Thanks for the fanship! ”

Peg O.Niel

“Great rockin' blues band ya got boys! Crank it and Play all!! Oops. Ah well it was a fun soundtrack to my day. Cleaned the house, waxed the car, fixed the roof, baked a cake. Now I need some Champagne and Reefer!! Cheers!!”

Beer Supply

“if your lookin for a little something different...these are your guys. Stu holds down the beat while Jody and Matt tear it in half with there guitars.”

Tomizaki, Jake - Tokyo News, Japan

“A different flavour of Blues! Put on yer Big Boy Pants!”

Bon - Bons on Brodway

“I dont know if i wanna dance, or fight! when i listen to Blooze Kitchen!!!”

Rice Paper Records