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“Twin sister pop duo Bloom Twins, originally from Kiev and now based in London, are preparing to release their second single of 2016, ‘Set Us Free’.”

“Meet the Bloom Twins. The Ukraine-born identical twins have an intoxcating songs that we’re obsessing over rn. They’ve toured with Duran Duran, have the coolest music videos and have today released their latest track Set Us Free!”

“Dark, brooding and atmospheric are probably the best words to describe new ‘dark-pop’ duo Bloom Twins.”

“...this duo is pretty sedate - but their music is autobiographical...”

“Imagine a better world for children where EVERY child can play in peace. This is our solo version of John Lennon's "Imagine". #IMAGINE is a UNICEF initiative uniting millions of people to raise awareness and funds for children’s rights globally. In collaboration with David Guetta and Yoko Ono, we are bringing the world together to create the largest sing-along ever to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Convention on Rights of the Child. And we are very proud to be part of it.”

“On hearing your music some might feel that the depth and maturity of the sound isn’t fully represented by the ‘image’ pushed by the media. You come across as quite young and inexperienced, but your sound doesn’t reflect this. It’s mature, rich and full of experience.”

“Anya and Sonya Kuprienko AKA the captivating dark pop duo Bloom Twins are not just your standard teenage pop stars. The Ukrainian identical twins channel their boundless energies into their world of music and high fashion, finding inspiration along the way. I mentioned before how seeing Bloom Twins perform was an hypnotising experience and so I decided it was time to catch up with the sisters on their career so far.”

“This week Gary grabbed a chat with Anna and Sonya Kuprienko aka Bloom Twins, who called in from Kiev, Ukraine! The sisters spoke to Gary about their time in London, their track Blue and much more.”

“Сегодня мы рассказываем о двух юных украинских девушках, которые уехали жить в Лондон, может быть, навсегда и делают там красивую музыку.”

“Coming from such a different background, one would fear that they might become enchanted by the big city life, but instead they felt disconnected to the materialistic, narcissistic lifestyles of most people their age, and grew more and more committed to each other and their music.”

“...Energy. That is what we are addicted for.”

“The Stylish DJ shares her favorite 10 songs, that will have you hitting the repeat button.”

“...Bloom Twins have featured in some of the most world’s most iconic publications including Bullet, Music and Musicians, Artist Direct, Flaunt and Vogue.Last year saw them open for EELS, play the Vodafone Mexefest in Portugal to a sold out crowd and also win MTV’s IGGY artist of the week gaining an impressive 78% of the vote.”

“...Its closer to two Rachel’s from Orphan Black‘s Clone Club seducing both a handsome indie hipster and the Most Interesting Man in the World. Hot? Check. Worth the listen? Double check. And if you’re a fashionista like me, the polka dot bespoke fashions by Joshua Kane (from his Autumn/Winter 2014 line) are worth spending the next four minutes with this video alone.”


“Trending: Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriters, Bloom Twins”

“The crowd suddenly fell still and a stunned silence spread across the room as the party-goers stopped what they were doing and looked on in awe as the silhouette of underground European darlings Bloom Twins were set behind a haze of blue smoke. Being seen on stage was not a necessity as they layered their powerful vocals upon one another which echoed around fascinated ears. Identical twins from the Ukraine certainly grabbed everyone's attention but it was their electronic beats and ethereal harmonies that kept the room in awe. Recently attracting the accolade of the music press, I fully understand the foothold that they have as Bloom Twins are a band that you don't watch, but experience.”

““We’re just teenagers; we’re musicians,” says Anna, her dark hair identically bobbed, her smile as wide. But in the past few months Ukraine’s uprising and Russia’s annexation of Crimea have dragged them into the adult world.”

“We really wanted to praise the people that gathered on Independence Square who stood for their rights; we wanted to say that we understand this is only half the story that is being told; we wanted to say that it is right to stand up for your right; we wanted our fellow citizens to hear that we support them, and we are with them, cause at times it was very hard for them to be heard. Every line of that song reflected Ukraine. Ukraine finally had this opportunity to change the course of events. “Now we see the light – Stand up for your rights”.”

“Bloom Twins are not your conventional 18-year-old duo. Their music is not sugar-coated and their songs are not necessarily made radio-ready. Instead they offer up raw and intimate insights into their life, from growing up in a small Ukrainian town to struggling to find their feet in the cultural chaos of London.”

“While there's anarchy in the Ukraine, two teenagers from near Kiev sing their dark hearts out.... The Guardian”

“Well, you don’t see many twins in this music climate! It’s a good, broody sound.”

“Musicians The Bloom Twins from the Ukraine, respond to the current political climate in their homeland with a video, “Get Up Stand Up”.”

“Bloom Twins instantly hypnotize. As soon as you hear the divinely, dynamic yet dark sisterly harmonies of Anna and Sonia Kuprienko, you'll be hypnotized.”


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“God knows, although I’m fairly certain we’ll be seeing more of the twins in some shape or form over the coming years…”

“Ethereal vocals and taking a floor seat to play the keyboard; there’s more to the Bloom Twins than simple good looks, although that’s sure to help them on the pop scene they aspire to be a part of.”