bloody knives / Press

““Boo Radleys plus angst, Atari Teenage Riot minus Teutonic anger...You got your punk in my shoegaze!””

““Armed with a singer/bassist, drummer and sound manipulator, the Knives answer the question, “What would happen if Mission of Burma kicked Roger Miller out and let both Martin Swope and Bob Shellac run wild?””

"...as if My Bloody Valentine tried to play Fat Wreck Chords-style melodic-punk, with this ridiculously clear and angelic male voice harmonizing over top....appealing and bewildering."

Yellow Green Red

“The band has a dark sci-fi horror movie vibe, with lots of blurring ambient electronics and tight grooving rhythms.”

"Some bands ditch the bass, opting instead for one or two guitars that can play the low notes when needed. The guys in Austin rock/stoner metal/psychedelic band Bloody Knives do the opposite (at least in a live setting), proving that the bass/drum s/synthesizer setup can work for a rock band. What’s more is that the Knives’ music comes across as thoughtful as it is forceful on stage."

Austin American Statesman

"Imagine if Pendulum made a fuzzed out shoegaze album. This would be it.”

A Little Bit of Sol

"...you should jump at the chance to see these guys; they can’t be our little secret for too much longer!"

Austin Town Hall