Bloody Crackdown / Press

“BLOODY CRACKDOWN LEAVES CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS CAUGHT IN LINE OF FIRE. Victims Include Six City Leaders. Richmond, Va. - The battle begins in the concrete jungles and ghettos of Randolph, and ends on the blood-spattered sidewalks and back alleys in Richmond, Virginia's South Side. On Friday a city of Richmond sport utility vehicle was travelling on Jeff Davis Highway, in the Southside section of the city of Richmond. It was carrying six Richmond City Council members returning to their homes after a meeting at City Hall. Out of the silent shadows unseen gunmen, wearing dark clothing, with camoflage paint covering thier faces, opened fire with AK47s, 12- gauge shotguns, and M-4 assault rifles, spraying the S.U.V. with bullets. All six council members were killed in seconds, their bodies torn apart by more than 300 bullets. The S.U.V. was awash with blood from the broken bodies.”

Mike Oxgood - Richmond Times Dispatch

“'STRIKE AND KILL!''... the show at Tokyo Rose was nothing short of phenomenal. No one ever gets an encore in Charlottesville unless they deserve it, and BC got one and could have had another. I was spazzily dancing for most of the set. I couldn't help and neither could others. When a band hits just right, it renders one mindless. They have written new songs-several no more than 30 seconds in length-yea!! But their sound remains the same, a meld of redneck punk and stoner metal, best typafied by bands such as Karma to Burn. An obvious difference is that Bloody Crackdown songs include vocals. All the original players from several months ago are still in the band, but now instead of a three-piece, Bloody Crackdown boasts four members. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the best live shows are energy transfers, and I got an infusion from this show, bodies flying, people in the pit who rarely enter, blood, sweat, spit; that rare combination of dangerous fun.”

Lemmy C. Yatitz - Charlottesville Observer

“Just when you thought it was safe, the world became fucked up enough for a brand new album from Bloody Crackdown. This is the third album from infamous Richmond thrashers Bloody Crackdown who have been blasting their way up and down the East Coast for years playing their own unique blend of 80s thrash and old school punk and putting on a stageshow which is all but unmatched in their genre. This new album Cowboy Dubyah's Fallujah Barbecue is the climax of years of musical evolution by the band. Bloody Crackdown attacks politics and society from a whole new perspective showing the outright violence, murder and destruction carried out by the American government. They sing of the horrors of war, famine, poverty, and violence without blinking an eye and playing some of the hardest, fastest thrash that has ever been. In a world full of music thats getting old quick, Bloody Crackdown presents a fresh perspective on music, politics, and society in general.”

Jen Erik - East Coast Rocker

“Bloody Crackdown You're Fucked CD I promise you that this album will be hailed as a masterpiece 50 years from now. Bloody Crackdown's in your face, pissed off, yet hilarious music is some of the most real stuff I've heard out of this state in a long time. Are you having a bad day? This is what you need to listen to. I love this band and this first album was such a great introduction to their ever evolving sound, and if you missed it, you're fucked!!!”

Hugh Jardon - Rolling Stone