Blood Red River / Press

"Blood Red River makes my eyes get funny and makes me want to eat a cup."---Salim

phone interview

"That...sound...on 'Rolling Under' is NOT a wave crashing, it is the evil of the night creeping in off the sea like a shadow"

Allen - at band practice

"Blood Red River are retro, sure, but not a condescending novelty/comedy band like most retro acts. Don't expect songs about trailer parks."

Thomas Langhorn - Direct Injection

"Listening to Blood Red River borders the adrenaline rush that comes with catching a big wave, gut-level enjoyment that has to do with existing in the moment."

Andrew Ritchey - Independent Weekly

“Durham's Blood Red River cite Flat Duo Jets and The Cramps as influences for its (largely) instrumental garage/rockabilly, though one hears more of the former than the latter in the foot-tapping rave-ups.”

Chris Parker - Indy Week