Bloodmoon / Press

“Bulldozing their way onto the scene in the fine year of two thousand and ten, a southern Cali-forn-i-an band by the name of Bloodmoon released their critically acclaimed debut Orenda which was reviewed here way back when in our clandestine cuts. Since then, the band has been busy as a left-handed beaver writing and recording for the recently released opus Voidbound.”

“Bloodmoon is a three-piece band from San Luis Obispo, California, who have just released a few weeks ago their sophomore release. Despite of being a trio, this sounds massive, epic and fucking heavy, but its not just that. The band has a nice experimental vibe in these three songs, especially in their longest tracks, with incursions in prog/psych grounds and even some black metal bursts, who make this an adventure and a rewarding listen. Highly recommended for fans of Inter Arma and Secrets of The Sky, enjoy.”

“Bloodmoon blend elements of Sludge, Post-Metal, Doom, Stoner Metal and Black Metal with heavy slabs of Psychedelic Metal which gives the band a highly distinctive sound of their own. Well Bloodmoon are back with their epic and brilliant new album - Voidbound. Voidbound features 3 tracks running for 40 mins or so. Bloodmoon have upped their game since their last album. They have gone slightly more crazier and insane for this excellent release. The riffs are more epic and progressive than ever before. Bloodmoon will take you on a sonic journey full of despair and wonder all in one go. First track - Voidbound - is an almost 18 minute journey into the depths of hell or possibly the darkest place known to man. Bloodmoon lay their hearts and souls for everyone to feel on this track. Peter's vocals have a demonic feel to them with Jason providing superb eerie support.”

“Just to keep things heavy enough in this gloomy weather; BloodMoon’s dooming black metal awakens you with an evil twisting guitar and sinister screaming vocals and chants. Support BloodMoon hailing from San Luis Obispo, California and take home their undeniably thrilling album, Orenda, while they await a full length recording set to release in the year to come.”

“With an evil sound that has major doom and prog influences Bloodmoon is black metal done right. The guitar work is droning and simple at times, yet also shoegazey and quiet. In other words, guitarwise this band is a mix of Alcest and Mayhem. It is brutal and frightening, yet also strangely beautiful. The bass work is much like the guitars, straightforward and hard to grasp. The drum work is a special treat especially on songs like What Lies Beyond where we see all sides of the drummers palate. Overall, the progressive element lends itself nicely to exciting drums, yet even in the blackest parts of As A Wind the drummer finds ways to keep everything interesting. Vocally this band uses extremely brutal growls in the vein of Cannibal Corpse. Yet these are beautifully contrasted by sweet choral parts a la Alcest. They have a brutal black metal soul yet they are not afraid to go into crazy post-black metal parts. In brief, Bloodmoon is the ultimate black metal band.”

“If Kyuss were a death metal band, they may sound like Bloodmoon. Excellent release.”

“Orenda is the debut EP by California based band Bloodmoon. This band produce an awesome sound which can be labelled as Progressive / Psychedelic Doom & Black Metal. This is not just "another" Black / Doom Metal band, of which the world knows about thousands by now. Bloodmoon kinda development its own unique sound which makes it very pleasant to listen to.”

“This is Sludgy, Atmospheric doom metal. It does have some elements of Black metal but a lot of Doom influence has been infused in the demo. It may not be wrong in saying that Psychedelic elements have taken the front seat throughout the Demo. The opening track “What lies beyond” is a strange track; as the vocals are more guttural and screams; while the music itself is slow to mid paced with few atmosphere elements thrown in between. There is a frequent shift of pace in the entire track with the drummer showing his talent in good variations. The track “As a wind” is a real Psychedelic influenced music and a bit doomy. The vocals are black throughout the Demo. This track kicks off with a death metal style guitaring but settles down soon to a more Doomy,Sludgy type. Peter has kept his vocals pretty simple, but his guitar work speaks a lot. He has tried complicated songwriting with a lot of changes in each and every track. Jason has complemented pretty well along with him on the Dr”

“Bloodmoon is a Psychedelic Black Metal band with a love of all things heavy. Having put out their debut album earlier this year in March they are still striving forward making a name for themselves. The album sounds a little quiet and rough but using my imagination a little bit I bet they put on a killer live show.”

“This is not by any means a straightforward black metal release. In fact, Orenda is an interesting blend of sludgy, atmospheric black metal with traces of brutal death metal thrown in. That's right, you have some Sven de Caluwé-esque deep gutturals juxtaposed with high-pitched growls, laid-back melancholic melodic passages and ethereal background chants, and then some ripping black metal mayhem. Bloodmoon do well to maintain their journey without straying from their objective, and such cohesion is at the very least an impressive aspect considering Orenda is a debut demo.”

“Bloodmoon cites Sleep, Neurosis, Isis, Godflesh, Meshuggah, Russian Circles, Earth, Obscura, Pelican, Black Cobra, Intronaut, Yob, Floor, Weedeater as influences so you know whatever they play will be heavy and sludgy as all fuck. Well guess what. It is.”

“Wtf did I just listen to? Seriously, this is simply one of the wierdest and most intriguing albums I have ever heard. Start off by taking Black Metal, then add some Jazz, Grind, Death, Sludge and a bunch of other things. Mix them all together in the melting pot and you get Orenda. This is something that is 100% original, and something !J.O.O.E! would probably like.”

“Bloodmoon play a great blend of Psych based Sludge metal mixed in with elements of Doom, Stoner and Black-Metal and Post-Metal to excellent effect. These guys sound like a more out there version of Isis and Neurosis with huge influences of Psych Rock. The guys have just released their superb debut album “Orenda”. A 5 song 35 minute blast of top-notch psych based Sludge Metal. I urge you to check these guys out as this album is quite simply brutal at times. Blending top-notch Sludge/Stoner/Doom/Post-Metal riffs with spell-binding vocals to match. The 5 songs on show are all great examples of this bands talent at writing and performing trippy based sludge metal you don’t hear much of these days. Especially on tracks like “Orenda” and “Shallow Berth”. I can’t recommend these guys highly enough. So get checking them out as you can download this brilliant album from their BandCamp anything you want type deal. All in all a brilliant album for everyone to check out. Highly Rec”

“Orenda is available on their bandcamp as a pay what you can album. I highly, highly recommend it and have a feeling we're gonna hear some big things from these cats down the road”