Bloodline / Press

“Today’s Native youth do have a voice, and it is readily available for any of us that want to listen. Today’s Native youth are turning to music to give them guidance and support, would it hurt to hear what they are listening to? The listeners that night may not have liked the song played by Bloodline (aside from a fun giggle from my guest Martha Fast Horse—who said she liked the song) but others do like it. In fact the bands reverbnation webpage (a website promoting independent artists) displays Bloodline as having 5,095 fans and 10,442 widget hits—meaning a click on an icon by anyone interested in Bloodline’s music on other sites. So in retrospect, sure sometimes the music we hear coming from our children or grandchildren’s ipods or music players may not be to our liking, but if we take a moment on occasion to listen or ask about the lyrics, perhaps we might get a glimpse into the minds of our Native youth.”

“Hailing from the Navajo Nation, Bloodline is based out of Gallup, New Mexico. They sent us this track from their upcoming album Pure in Pain and we’re stoked to learn about this hard working band that has been making music independently since 1998. Bloodline has been building a dedicated fan base in the south west through consistent touring over the years – and now Metal lovers across the Nation are also taking note as the band recently completed their first national tour. It’s great to see hard work pay off in this industry and the band is on the path for continued success – they’ve signed an artist development deal with DJQ Management and the upcoming album, their first full-length release, was produced by heavy hitting producers Ben Schigel and Tony Gammalo. Keep it up boys.”

“Founded in Gallup, New Mexico, Bloodline consists of bassist/vocalist Loren Anthony, guitarist Virgil Wilson, guitarist Leland Anthony III, and drummer Steve Baca. They recently signed to Stepping Stone Records, with their music in rotation across 83 stations in the U.S. and Canada. Take Five recently caught up with Loren Anthony, who elaborated on the latest happenings with Bloodline.”