Bloodkin / Press

"Bloodkin are at a hot peak in their odyssey."

“As if the legacy of Faulkner or even the Beats were alive on vinyl rather than in ink.”

Stephen M. Deusner - Pitchfork

“Easily the most under-appreciated rock n roll band of the last 15 years, Athens GA’s Bloodkin is finally getting some much-deserved attention with this soulful, demon-expelling record [Baby, They Told Us We Would Rise Again]. I should let you in on a little secret--all of their albums are this good.”

Steve LaBate - Paste

“I put [Hutchens'] catalog right up there with the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Alejandro Escovedo and Steve Earle in terms of truly capturing the nuances of humanity, both the light and the dark, in song.”

Justin Gage - An Aquarium Drunkard

“Song-oriented, dark Southern rock. There's a Terry Kay novel called DARK THIRTY (referring to the 30 minutes before the twilight goes dark), and Bloodkin's distinctly Southern music reminds me of the mood of that novel, and likewise of its heritage-steeped content...along the lines of the early Stones. If Jagger and Richards had grown up in Georgia...”

Mark Pilvinsky - Flagpole

“Some of the most prolific verse to grace southern rock in the last decade. Hutchens' world-weary view begs for redemption, and the loose, rock-and-roll swagger brings the words of this old soul to life. Each track plays out like a Flannery O'Connor confessional...Hutchens continues to perfect his craft.”

Jamie Lee - Glide

“These roiling Southern rawkers plunge you into a guitar-moaning maelstrom rife with sagas about snorting coke and putting a gun in your mouth and living to ham-fist another round of margaritas.”

Charles Aaron - Spin

“4 STARS “Bloodkin have set the benchmark for artistic rediscovery in 2009.”

“Baby They Told Us We Would Rise Again confirms Bloodkin’s position as the Pied Piper of the second coming of Southern Rock.”