Blood Corps / Press

"I can't wait to see you all again, whether it be at Jaxx or at Stairway East. Keep rocking, keep improving, and keep expanding the realm of Blood Corps™. If there's anybody who wants to be a part of that realm, it's me!" ~Bobby Madden

Bobby "BM" Madden - #1 Fan says some kind words

"Don't be surprised to soon find these Virginians making quite a name for themselves." ~Harvest Moon Music

CEO of Harvest Moon Records - CD Review for Hollow Point

"Well, if your first demo is any indication of what the band's music will be like in the future, I think Blood Corps™ will knock the metal world right on it's ass." ~Metal Maidens

CEO of Metal Maidens - CD Review for Hollow Point

““I really enjoyed the band. I definitely could tell from my experience that you guys did a lot of pre-production and it showed in your performance. The sound overall was very glued together. I dug it… and I’m jaded as hell.” ~Grammy Award Winning Sound Engineer, Pete Novak (Outkast, Gwen Stefani, Will Smith, Dr. Dre)”