BloodBeast / Press

“This is primal death metal that rides the riff and the solo into the mouldering grave and drags you screaming along with it.”

"...uncompromising brutality and the rough-around-the-edges ethos of traditional, raw-to-the-bone death metal.

"...they smother their music with face melting original riffs and decapitating blast beats. Leaving you hopelessly lost in the throes of uncontrollable bouts of head-banging. "Metal horns rating: \m/ \m/ \m/ \n 3 ½ Metal Horns (7/10)"!

"AFRICA'S DEATH METAL TRIUMPH OF THE YEAR - 90%" "Out For Blood" is the death metal triumph the Dark Continent has produced this year and although Bloodbeast suffered line up changes, the consistency has never been so marked and the delivery never as precise. The beast is back and bloodier than ever! Fuck or Die - you decide!

"Out For Blood"... is a powerful statement through and through of the macabre in the time honoured and never out of style old school death metal way.

“If you’re in the mood for ravenous, high-speed death metal with a strong old-school flavor and enough groove to crack ribs (plus a couple of electrifying guitar solos), you’ll dig this mightily. It’s a megawatt charge delivered straight to the brain stem.”

“Hard. Fast. Aggressive. If you like your music brutal, these are the guys you need to see.”

“Bloodbeast has an intense rumbling sound that when mixed with their superb guitar solos and extremely guttural and deep vocals has the tendency to sound rather impressive.”

“And it was as brutal as expected. Think Immolation. Think Incantation. Play this as loud as possible and you scare away all those nosy neighbours that have bothered you all those years.”

“Bloodlust is one seriously sick album, and if you’re a fan of thrashy groovy death metal, this is one album you simply must add to your collection.”

“My impression of Bloodbeast is that they are a powder keg of talent and an influence that are definitely at the front of South Africa’s death metal charge!”

“No, Bloodlust is the maniacal fever dream of ghouls, a canvas sprayed with blood splatter, a landscape decimated by a lurching horde of the electrified undead. It’s a technically masterful fusion of death, grind, and thrash that takes no prisoners and wants to drink your spinal fluid.”

“Definitely a must-see for those with a taste for heavy brutality, like myself. It is like a full blown adrenaline rush hitting you at a colossal speed, driven by an unrelenting heavy metal rage; the type that induces uncontrollable head movements and raw energy highs.”