Blomquisite / Press

“Nice skillz man! U got good talent so never stop!! ”

alloutsportsdude555 - Youtube

“Damn bro thats pretty sick man props to you! ”

Mcloven915555 - Youtube (Tie me Down Remix)

“Hey, what's new?. I certainly enjoyed listening to ya voice a rapping...i dig the mix and lyrics, this is really a werk of art and I congradulate you for pulling it off as to sound so professional. And if that's not enough, you got the original background vocals still in tack. The lyrics aren't to be disputed in a compilation of this kind, they meet my criteria, Thx4 the imagination and diversity of this whole ensemble..what a masterpiece. ”

Ezdduf4kuZ - Youtube (Eminem - Not Afraid Remix)

“you pwn man i always like your songs better then the real versions ”

Gateterrorist - Youtube

“H.A.M. :) ”

Dave Fresh - Deathstarr Entertainment


Gateterrorist - Epic

“Yo bro so i got 4 things to say haha. First thing your dope as fuck on i think all your songs keep it up! 2 we should hit up a collab soon for my 2nd mixtape, and 3 you should box me and ill box you, and last haha check me out and leave comments, rates, and subscribe i have like 18 songs so check em out plus like 11 beats. ”

Explicit Records - 3XPLiCiTRecords

“We doin it real big!”

Blomquisite - Blomquisite