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“Top 3 Most Popular Tracks on WNDY Radio as of 3/29/2014 http://wndyradio.com Congratulations ‪#‎JL‬ 1. Blocks of Seven - Modern Media 2. Blocks of Seven - Now and Together 3. DIRTY BOB - Man Behind the Gun”

“Each day I choose an Artist for my Artist of the Day, tonight that Artist is you (8/28) Which means that I'll Tweet you, place you in my Status on Facebook(3)... Reverbnation,My Space, Google, and Pin you at Pinterest. Hope this helps in some way! Check me out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LoudNLoaded ”

kathy/loud n loaded promotions - reverbnation

“ F! That dude can sing! "I can't take it anymore", Ritchie Blackmoore would dig it. ”

Aubrey P. Cullen III - reverbnation artist

“ I dig it guys!! Great work ”

Lock Seveenteen - reverbnation artist

“ No Doubt C U @ da Top!!!! ”

Trump & Associates - Reverbnation artist

“ Glad to fan your page. I love Bad Company so I'm glad to hear some influence in Flying Free, but to me I hear major Floyd influence on Familiar Face even with the BC undercurrent. Am I wrong in hearing that with you all. Anyway, best wishes with your wonderful music 12 string scott ”

12 String Scott - Reverbnation artist

“ You Guys ROCK !! Very cooL & Powerful !! BEST !! GuNstrØm ”

Rockstrom - Reverbnation artist

“ Your music sounds awesome. I just came from your page. I was blown away. Keep rocking. ”

Robert Watson - Reverbnation artist

“ Intense, gripping and melodic! Good Stuff! ”

ReCover - Reverbnation artist

“BLOCKS OF SEVEN - FLYING FREE This band has a deep classic rock sound that sounds fresh. Igor was reminded of a prog-rock band from the 70's called, Yes, but couldn't remember them ever rocking as hard as Blocks of Seven do on this track, and that guitar solo - perfect way to round out this performance. BLOCKS ROCKS!!! - .”