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“If anything, Bliss N Eso’s previous album ‘Flying Colours’ showed that Australian music was the prime example of Darwin’s theory in action: Bliss N Eso evolved into something greater, while other artists cycled backwards on the evolutionary scale and either dumbed themselves down or sat under a rock like a snail refusing to evolve at all.”

“After one listen of their latest record, Running On Air, I felt like the boys had jumped through the speakers, grabbed me by the scruff of the neck, slapped me in the face and exclaimed “we told you so…and you’re a bit of a dickhead for not believing us in the first place.” This is a career defining album”

“On a line-up which included the likes of Hunters & Collectors, Midnight Oil and Crowded House, it would be an understatement to say that Bliss N Eso on the bill stood out like a sore thumb. But, about 0.5 seconds into their set it was evident that this was a sore thumb of the best possible kind.”

“Despite this, Bliss n Eso managed to be at ease, energising and pleasing the crowd with their Aussie style of hip hop.”

"But tonight was always going to be about the headliners, evident from the numerous ‘Blesso’ chants roaring around the venue during the interlude."

"Bliss n Eso are two of Australia’s most talented MC’s, and I like many have been awaiting this release since their debut EP four years ago. Finally it has arrived and the Oz hip hop landscape may never quite be the same again."

"Bliss N Eso caused quite a stir in the Australian hip hop scene with their 2004 release Flowers In the Pavement"

"With a newish single being rotated like a rotor blade on airwaves both commercial and not-so-commercial; a just completed national tour slot with 50 Cent"

"Riding high on the success of their sophomore album, ‘Day of the Dog’, Bliss N Eso will hit the road in early September to undertake their most extensive tour to date."

"Evermore and hip hop trio Bliss n Eso continue their journey with the organisers of last year's MakePovertyHistory concert - The Oaktree Foundation on a 10 day study tour to South Africa in July."

"Unified 2008 National Tour might be a worthy distraction, with four of Australia’s finest funkin’ hip-hop acts joining up and hitting the road for a 13,189km, 25-date journey around the country."

""When we first heard that track it was like, immediately just knew it would work as a hip hop track. It's got such a dope drum instrumentation. It takes a pretty special track to kind of spark the interest and go wow that would work.""

"Bliss n Eso carved through their set and even treated us to a few new tracks." "It was an eclectic blends of remixes, beat boxing and a hint of old school."

"Bliss N Eso, one of Sydney’s most celebrated hip hop outfits, have held a formidable presence over the local scene for the best part of a decade"

"This album comprises of so many different styles, it's almost like it's never been done before in Aussie Hip Hop."

"For the most part, Bliss N Eso are left to their own devices to create their music, with no interference from their record label. It's not something that you could ever expect to happen to an international hip-ho...."

"BLISS N Eso and a growing number of Aussie hip hop groups are really finding their feet and thankfully, using their considerable talents to look at issues a little larger than bling, booty and the ubiquitous bad-ass attitude."

"Insp Scott would not detail the police recommendations. He suggested a description of the crowd as "rowdy" fell well short of the mark. "One could use the term rowdy. I'd use other ones." "

"Bliss N Eso are back with their most impressive album to date." "the quality of beats, turntable skills and general production are as good as ever." "it's not your typical hip-hop beat." "using some of their more poetic style of MCing."

"Even if you’re not a die-hard hip hop fan, you can’t help but get drawn in by the quality and infectious feel-goodness of the fat beats and rhymes showcased on this album. And the response has already been as you’d expect"

"Following the release of their ARIA top ten album Flying Colours and a string of sold out shows across Australia, Perth fans will be treated to this one-off, free show."

"You know what, you know what? In the far west of Australia, in the far west of Sydney, they didn't have a clue about northern North shore but there was hip hop brewing years and years ago........"

"Neither rain nor a security call to the police could dampen what will go down as one of the most fun and off-the-hook Secret Shows that MySpace fans have experienced."

"But even now the morning after I still stand by my claim – in the rapidly expanding community of Aussie hip hop, Bliss n Eso are the best (and I say this even as I rate The Hilltop Hood’s The Calling as one of my top hip hop albums. Ever!)"

“Australian hip-hop artists Bliss n Eso accept the Best Urban Release award at the ARIA Awards”

“We feel like giving a huge high five to the boys of Bliss n Eso. They won the ARIA award for 'Best Urban Release' last night and it was a huge surprise.”