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“The innovation by Bliss Bomb is absolutely stunning and there is no true comparison to this album, because there is nothing else like it!”

Under Cover Album Reviews

"This album is arguably perfect. The production value, the structure of each song, it’s catchy enough to gain mass followers while still keeping to their roots without “selling out”. Bliss Bomb is sure to take this album very far. I don’t care what genre you prefer, get this album."

Andrew Muffettone - Booked Promotions

"This album is sublime. It’s right up there with the time when music was at its best – the '70s. It’s uncommon today for an album release to have more than two or three good songs and very rarely do they have a great song. This album has all good songs and multiple great songs!"


“Fun, jazzy and with a hook you can’t get out of your head, Double Agent Man rocks.”