“Their own songs really make the night. The vibrant It's Alright has the audience chanting back the lyrics. The Heart of Sappho's Bosom and Guappa Chica, (about a beautiful woman), is the perfect closer to the evening. Aneesa has an edgy elegance about her. She proves herself to be a charming, bubbly character, making an effort to entertain her circle of fans at every opportunity. Her moving rendition of Roberta Flak's The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, also covered by Celine Dion had, dare I say it, even more depth to it than Celine's version. The incredibly talented flutist, Jana, wrote the up-beat, You and the masterful pianist, Monti, wrote On the Edge. Monti's playing of the church's beautiful grand piano was flawless throughout the night. See our recent BLOG for the full review”

“Walking through the graveyard to this extraordinary venue made me feel like I was stepping back in time. The gig began with a lovely bouncy warm tonal invitation to relax. Classic after classic poured fourth. Aneesa has a lovely voice and is clearly a highly accomplished singer. Equally at home in her bottom notes and head her range and approach is refreshing and relaxing. Mojca Monte, Piano & Jana Cadez Amali, flute were also top of the range players. Not a note out of place & reassuringly rhythmically consistent, with plenty of pace, good full tone and melody. During the second half we were treated to some original compositions. All more than excellent. However, the pinnacle of the set was an incredible rendition of Tera Chera in Urdu. Introducing my ears to the enormous amount of space that apparently exists between one full tone and another. In this place, musically Bliss Art are in their own beautiful country. You don't need a passport to visit, just a ticket to their next gig.”

Nicky Mitchell musician/vocalist/songwriter - -

“Bliss Art from Brighton, rocked onto the stage at Live in Leith, after a unpredicted impromptu comedy sketch, bounding energetically onto the stage, with a theatrical piano intro from Mojca Monte, they blasted out a number of jazz classics, and a few original songs, which settled happily among the classics. Toes were a-tapping, hips a-swinging and smiles grew over every face. Bliss Art’s set was short but delightfully enjoyable and musically satisfying. The flying fingers of Jana C.Amali on flute and the tones of Aneesa Chauhdry resounded and were awesome. This collective is musically complimentary in skill and style. A fine tuned performance and something not to miss!”

“Bliss Art Wins Over The Edinburgh Festival: Aneesa Chaudhry and Bliss Art traveled to the mayhem of the Edinburgh managing to eek out a chance to show their long developed talents between the tectonic plates of the Fringe festival. Overcoming changes in times, equipment and rogue comedians stealing time, they still managed to WOW audiences with a taste of what they clearly wanted more of - seasoned Jazz musicians lulling and enchanting people away from the vibrant stress of modern life whilst avoiding tired cliche; this is the freshness which became the famous genre. Even the Slovenian Consul managed to make it being left hungry for more. 'We Want More' was the feeling they left us all with - Budge up Edinburgh Festival let in the talent ! ”

“BLISS ART - a wholly appropriate name for a three-person band that is surely unique in that it combines Slovene, English and Pakistani origins in to an entertaining package that combines the classical with contemporary. We loved BLISS Art's performance at The Fringe in Leith, and heard that their other gigs went down well. Keep going BLISS ART ! And those of you who haven't seen them - don't miss out when you get the chance !”

“‘Aneesa brings a great vibe (and a crowd) to her gigs. She has an original take on performing and brings a little old school glamour to her live shows. Prepare to be entertained as she seamlessly navigates through classics and new material. An excellent addition to any serious music event billing. SAM SUTTON, GINGLIK, November 2010”


"A truly phenonmenal voice, an amazing lady, sheer entertainment in one complete package, leaves the audience wanting more." HILLI RUSHWORTH, SAPPHO GARDEN OF THE ARTS, SKALA ERESSOS, GREECE, September 2010