Blind Trust Blues Projects / Press

“Keep the tunes coming !!!”

Darren Crisp

“Blessings of creativity flowing to you ! You are very raw and you think out of the box ! Killer instincts with vocal rhythm that compliments and equals the guitar energy.”

Jennifer B and The Groove

“You need to decide if you want to be a rockstar, producer or engineer !!!”

Robert Honablue

“This young man can play the heck out of some traditional blues...”

Big Papa Binns

“You play slide like that, you can drink all night on the house !”

Bikes,Blues & BBQ Festival

“No No, it goes like this ( Bass Thumpin ) and you gots to eat good to ~”

Stanley Banks

“I love how you make your guitar talk !”

Sophia Urista

“Funky Man !”

Michael Burks ( RIP )

“Get on stage and sound like Howlin Wolf !”

Lucious Spiller

“Man oh Man !”

David Kimbrough Jr