Blinding Eye Dog / Press

“Blinding Eye Dog, a “simply luchadorable punk rock” band from Baltimore, were next to take the stage. Their set included songs such as “The Imperial March”, “Scream Blacula Scream”, “The Wicker Man (Iron Maiden)”, “The Legend of El Stupido”, “Dark Passenger”, “Dunwhich Horror”, “Innsmouth”, “Potters Bluff”, “Barbara”, “Zombie Queen”, “Mandals”, and “The Line”. What really stood out about the band, other than their “Beer-swilling, hard-charging, horror-influenced punk rock”, was their stage presence. Traditionally, costumes include a Lucha Libre and a 340 lb. Pikachu, but the group decided to “step it up to a new level of stupidity” in honor of the “May the 4th Be With You” theme by tossing Star Wars masks and a light sabre into the mix. In addition to providing ear as well as eye candy, the guys flung a Starburst filled Piñata into the crowd. This is a band that strives to entertain a variety of senses, and on”

“Maryland quintet Blinding Eye Dog exhibit a boisterous brand of punk on the troupe’s 18-track offering PROLOGUE. Fueled with an irreverent sense of humor (“Super Action Monster Man”, “Duck Duck Goose (In A)”) that matches the lo-fi high energy vibes (“Assassin”) and pervasive beer-swilling devil may care street punk attitude on cuts such as “Barbara” and “The Line”, this freewheeling act makes it pretty apparent that it doesn't take itself too seriously yet still pumps out a raucous strain of reckless rock (“Shame”). Definitely sounding best after a couple of pints while some of your more mischievous friends plot the ensuing evening’s shenanigans, Blinding Eye Dog reinforce the simple yet effective piss and vinegar punk rock straight from the back alley.”