Bleeding Money / Press

“One word…METAL!!! And I loved it! These guys were face melting machines that spread death and decay from one end of the packed venue to the other! There were spikey haired skinny kids slamming their frail bodies into much larger bearded giants and everyone had a great time! For a last minute addition to the line up these guys definitely put on a great show!”

“It was a haven for raw, rowdy punk shows, and it was maintained by local punk favorites Elysium. Sadly, drug and money problems tore Elysium apart... The good news is three members of Elysium — Spencer Anemik (guitar), Mikey DUIs (drums) and Tom Shelton (vocals/guitars) — joined forces with guitarist Greg Hartley (Anemik switched to bass) and formed Bleeding Money.”

“If you’re a fan of straight up melodic punk rock with some metal influences, make sure to check these guys out.”

“Shelton writes the songs, and he does a better job than the average punk-hardcore band of balancing the topical and personal.”