Black Stars / Press

"Guitarist Dre DiMura serves as the Keith to Greeley’s Mick, holding a wide stance as he sneers into the crowd. Dre’s a fucking rockstar and I’m not entirely convinced he’s actually human

"Without hesitation, I will declare Nik Greeley as the best frontman in Philadelphia. Greeley is a smooth criminal, a funk soul brother, and yet 100% punk rock."

"Black Stars make articulation particularly difficult with their non-stop, adrenaline-fueled, out of control and out of mind experience. While it’s cliché to say so, no words can truly do them justice—you must see for yourself."

"Nik Greeley barely took a breath as he weaved amongst his brothers onstage and lead the band into one barnburner after another, while guitarist Chester Drago stunned with virtuoso playing that slithered along melodically during verses and exploded suddenly in electrifying solos. Underneath it all, bassist Freshy and drummer Mike Keyack kept the rhythm pulsing and pounding. All of these elements combined to create a controlled chaos of sound the likes of which aren’t heard everyday."

"Think James Brown fronting Rage Against The Machine with Flea holding it down on bass."

"These guys are good musicians and they clearly enjoy playing together in a supportive manner without a lot of interfering ego, and that combination is unusual, electric and compelling." -S.B. Hider http://www.pamusicscene.com/2012/01/black-stars-substance-and-style/

"Black Stars are proof that rock music is fun. Now is the time to catch this band at a live show — they are young and raw, and loud, and electrifying, and a little insane, and probably only going to get more popular. I think they are a band to keep an eye on." -S.B. Hider http://www.pamusicscene.com/2012/01/black-stars-substance-and-style/

"Black Stars defy ordinary. Four young men from Marlton, NJ are devoted in starting their own renaissance in the Greater Philadelphia area. Here music can be upbeat, groovy, and sexy. Here, music still moves."

"From surreal to animated, melancholy to gratifying, this Philadelphia-based funk-rock band creates music that displays all emotions of not just the human mind, but of the human soul."