Blasphemous Creation / Press

“An above-average thrash album with quite catchy riffs, old school but efficient sound, poisonous, but almost fully understandable vocals and enough licks and tricks to keep you listening. The speed is relentless where it need be, the breaks and transitions are expertly made, the solos are short and sweet, and, at what they are doing, Blasphemous Creation are good.”

“Riffs are plentiful and precise and solo work is far beyond exceptional. All while being smothered in bile dripping vocals which almost bring you to the belief that killer space fiends might truly be on your ass.”

“What you can find on this opus are some pretty cool, killer and relentless riffs, chainsaw guitars, groovy parts, pinch harmonics and solos, technical arrangements, tasty drumming and vocals that are a mixture of growls, rasps and hateful & aggressive screams.”

“A truly amazing band that just continues to out do themselves and advance every time I hear them. One of the best bands out there now playing this style.”

“The guitars trill and devastate, teamed with a real heavy drum bludgeoning and a Cannibal Corpse schooled blastbeat.”

“Combining a thrashy death metal assault with blackened Carcass-like vocals, Blasphemous Creation tear through ten tracks of ancient astronaut battles and epic wars between alien races, with the fate of humanity held in the middle. Heads will definitely bang to this, the riffs and the pounding drums compel it.”

“This is the stuff that headbanging and air guitar were made for, and these guys know how to crank it out. Overall, the guys in BLASPHEMOUS CREATION are very good at what they do, which is playing a memorable form of Extreme Metal with influences aplenty. “Battle Of The Ancients” is an album capable of far-reaching appeal with plenty of speed for the Thrashers, enough aggression for the Death-heads, and chops to please the purists.”

“Blasphemous Creation might not have created the most original album you'll ever hear, but there's enough variety, top notch playing, and memorable, skull crushingly heavy arrangements included here that will keep me coming back for more.”

“the end result is a very cohesive album that runs from end to end with strong riffs, believably acidic snarls and an energetic performance that shows a band totally in the know on what they want to accomplish.”

“To me, BLASPHEMOUS CREATION represents some of the best and most entertaining sides of blackened Thrash Metal, basically by keeping their stuff varied enough, churning out everything in between devastating and highly toxic walls of riffs - to more melodic passages that indeed do add a nice, welcome contrast into the songs on this record.”

“The production is first-rate, the riffs are brutal and hooky, and the vocals are a nicely toxic snarl that isn't washed through too many effects. The drumwork this time out is really snappy and well-done; and some of the crazed leadwork is really good, reminding me a little of Trey Azagthoth in the old days.”

“Reno, Nevada’s Blasphemous Creation reverently worship at the altar of authentic old school death, adding a visceral blackened thrash to their fierce, chaotic, frenzied onslaught.”

“Blasphemous Creation combines old-school death metal and blackened thrash for a sound designed for fans that truly love the underground sound.”

“This band truly lives up to its sacrilegious name. I put them up there with any true dark thrash/black metal band in the scene today without reservation.In a time when Silenoz from Dimmu Borgir admits to having country songs on his Ipod, it is encouraging to know there are still bad ass young players players like Blasphemous Creation coming up in the scene.”

“I'd like to say that this band performs with passion and emotion; Something that is lacking in this scene today. Killer, relentless thrash that never lets up.”

“Listening to their music you will realize their love for the classic extreme bands from the 80s but also you find it soundιng in your head like many other bands of the 90s especially God Dethroned and of course Angelcorpse.Many blast beats many chainsaw guitars and some times tempos and grooves, Thrash to the bone.”

“I've definitely reviewed these bastards before... liked em then, still like em. They're still doin that death/thrash thing, though better than ever. No, they're not reinventing shit; not purveying new ideologies, fighting for any new causes or changing human mentality, or even pushing the boundaries of metal. If you dig classic thrash gone rampant late 90s style (somewhere between The Crown and The Chasm), check it out.”

Dave Brenner - Metal Maniacs

“BLASPHEMOUS CREATION hails from Nevada and has been delivering us some amazingly good Black / Thrash Metal since 2006. These guys just keep advancing & getting better in every aspect with each new release.”

“BLASPHEMOUS CREATION/Diabolical Kingdom (Apocrypha Records) 15 tracks of some old school death/black metal that will have you putting on your spikes and heading off to war. This is some vicious heart pounding death/black metal that you will all love. The singer just spews out the hate with aggression and feeling and none of that generic cup the mic crap. This will bring you back to the days of Sodom, Death, Bathory and the like. Production is good and allows everything to be heard and this is just like a 2 ton tuck hitting you smack in the face. A big horns up from me.”

“We go out to the city of Reno, Nevada for BLASPHEMOUS CREATION. These fuckers play some killer black/death/thrash. Very well done and heavy as fuck. Also catchy and the songs are very well done. Crazy because Reno is pretty much like the show “Reno 911″, and you would never figure that such a killer metal band would come from there! hahahaha. All kidding aside, these guys seem to be the kings of the Reno metal scene these days and it is well deserved. The music is mainly fast and attacking, very thrash metal influenced with touches of black metal of the more melodic type in quite a few of the parts, but still raging and ripping away. These guys can also play the fuck out of their instruments. The myspace is very pro run and it seems that these guys do it their selves which is killer.”

“The guitars are very catchy and proficient, mixing a great heavy metal sound into a otherwise very traditional black metal framework. Everything is top notch here. Blasphemous Creation are a true contender, and are probably one of America's best black metal bands.”

“The aggressive and melodic guitar work set epic atmospheres of violence and power with its technical and brutal performance, the drumming here is thrashing, intense, crushing but most of all, highly effective, creating a solid Speed/Thrash Metal inspired frame”

“My favourite CDs are the ones you can enjoy track one right through to track ten without being bored with the same type of material and Battle Of The Ancients is definitely one of my favourite CDs from now on. Great band!”

“Blasphemous Creation are a hugely talented band, and their restless shifting of genres from Black Metal to Thrash, to Black/Death presages a band not content to rest on their laurels.”

“This is seriously fuckin' good and wicked old school shit; i.e. blackened Thrash Metal with lots of intensity and aggression packed into it - just the way I like it. Warmly recommended.”

“Sliding chords, hastily dispatched riffs are woven together with a blasting (not blast-beat) rhythm section which also buttresses the feel of an older reach to days of Metal yore.”

“The very old-school vibe of the music on this disc is what gives it a life and personality of its own. The eighties thrash scene obviously had a huge influence on the band’s sound because they bringing staccato riffing from that genre to the forefront. Check out 'The 12th Planet' or 'The Final Battle' for examples of the Thrash riffs put as the center of attention. One could also liken their riffs of this type to Immortal or Black Metal bands of that nature. There is a strong sense of energy and compassion brought forth with the music of Blasphemous Creation this time around and it translates to a winning formula. The whole album has few down points as the emotion the band creates is always entertaining at the very least.”

“You get some tasty leads and hammering drum beats throughout and the vocalist has a good voice that you are able to understand what he’s singing, since I like to hear lyrics and sing along, that makes it cool. He doesn’t scream, but has a nice evil sound in his voice that fits in with the music really well.”

“Their passion and intensity comes through in the music, so I have little doubt they could make it big with the right breaks.”

“The music just will melt you with its speed, emotion, and total annihilation.”