Blame Sally / Press

““A sensual vocal blend and their agile instrumental prowess find them earnest and assertive in terms of parlaying the material. The brittle emotions entrenched in "Bird In Hand" and the suggestive sentiments conveyed through ‘Countdown’ demonstrate a certain subtlety that makes their music all the more seductive.””

““With their decade plus of live performances and recordings, Blame Sally has established a legacy of song combining country, folk, rock, Celtic and strains of classical music, which has brought originality together with a roots sensibility and pop accessibility.””

““Before the first note is even sung, the opening groove from for ladies, known collectively as Blame Sally, lets the listener know that they have come to play, and do they ever play throughout all ten stellar tracks. Lyrically, Blame Sally takes a sledge hammer to the notion that men are from Mars, women are from Venus as they play and sing truth to humanity.””

Carol Sandick - Elmore Magazine

““There’s a lot of Stevie Nicks in Blame Sally’s countrified folk rock, but these veterans are less full of themselves, earthier, more self-assured – and more fun, too.””

Vintage Guitar Magazine

““Female quartet Blame Sally are a refreshing bunch and not in a dreary teeny-bopper hyped way. This is a group of experienced, passionate and dedicated musicians, all over 45, making thoughtful and sometimes rather dashing music...The self-produced Speeding Ticket and a Valentine is their second 'commercial' album. It's gritty and melodic as it zips in and out of different styles and at different paces.””

“Dallas has its Dixie Chicks, and San Francisco has Blame Sally, the difference being, among other things, that the Blame Sally women are less country and less flashy. What the two groups share are great singing, sharp, versatile musicality and a raft of anger at the current U.S. executive branch.”

Sunday Datebook - San Francisco Chronicle

“An amazing collection of talented local musicians has banded together and released a stunning new CD. "Severland," the latest from San Francisco's Blame Sally, should bring this female foursome universal acclaim...."Severland" carves out a strong identity on the indie-pop edges of Americana...”

Paul Freeman - Palo Alto Daily News

““The band’s four-part harmonies should not be missed. Don’t blame us if you’re the last on your block to check out Blame Sally.””

Mare Wakefield - Performing Songwriter

“Beautiful harmonies, intricate instrumental work, smart lyrics, and gently energized rhythms mark the songs of this San Francisco-based folk-pop quartet...and together they create soulful, complex, finely crafted music.”

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