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“I've decided this band, Blakgraz, is gonna have to move to Indiana with me in 3 weeks, so I can play with them. LOL!! This is THE BEST unsigned band I've seen in YEARS. PERIOD. Their music is fun, playful, mixtures of different influences, and just plain tight. On top of all that, the recordings are clean & professional. Be sure & listen to ALL of them. There's something for any rock listener in their tunes. Then BUY their CDs!! Every time I listen to them I get REALLY excited. LOVE IT!”

“Your music is awesome!!!!”

“(Blakgraz music is...) classic with today's edge!”

“I really like your songs. They were very enjoyable. The vocals were amazing and the harmony rocked just as much. "You'll know my love" was my favorite song that I heard, followed by "Stalker." I can easily see your music taking you places.”

“BLAKGRAZ absolutely blows me away! I can't put an exacting finger on their music: Alternative, but more melodic, listenable, and just DIFFERENT! That's the only way I can describe it. Obviously, I REALLY like these guys & their music. A refreshing change, definitely!! All the best to them!!”

“You'll know my love...I like the guitar beat to it and the lyrics. It's kind of like bad boy/respectable at the same time. Love middle of the road, not too sleazy not prim and proper, just telling it like it is. To me that song suggests that and has a good beat at the same time. Good job.”

Plains, PA - Ellen

“Your song really moved me !!”

“Excellent sound, Excellent Music. I look forward to hearing more from these guys.”


“I'm really enjoying your track. Great sounds and production and your vocals are spot on. You've a great groove and your use of space is excellent. I'm looking forward to hearing more. Nice one!”

"Ride with the Top Down" is a joyous romp through the valley of rock roots with distinctive forward creative momentum. I have enjoyed the journey of discovering Blakgraz, from the initial recommendation to the detailed dissection of their music.

“The best original rock I've heard!”

My Mom. Ha ha! - Kralik Independent Press