"This is my Prayer " song Has a flamingo style to it which I dig. Also sounds like music you would hear during the Middle Ages Music that kings and queens would dance to

Eric J. Lasalle - Metal East Coast

“'33' is an awesome piece of music, beautifully dark and melodic - great ending too, plus it just happens to be the number of the house I grew up in...spooky! T.A.F”

Rock Indie Goth Champions in UK - The Almighty Fallen - Belfast, UK

“Wow! THE PRINCE - after first listening MESMORIZING! Can't stop listening to it.”

Tanya Pike - Metal/Goth Music Critic

“Sanctuary, 13th Hour, 33! Genius!!!”

Sherry - President of Promoting From Within - Promoting From Within

“Finally Metal with great vocals. This is great orchestration and fantastic music. Rock on!!!!”

Graham Ronne - QC, CA - Rock Blues Composer

“There's the song I've been waiting for my Friend!!! Dang miss that guitar playing!!! WTF? Wher've you been!!! Killer!! Fire Rages On!! Burn Baby Burn!!! Love you Guys!!! The Fingers Burrrnn.. with Passion!!! Needed Fixxxx!!!!”

Queen Crazy Baby - Local WA Metal Music Critique

“OOOOHHHHH Heavy .... but awesome ... ”

Ranked #1 Country Singer/Song Writer, Westlorne, ON, CA - Bonnie McGill

“Wow! You mutha f..... rock baby. Your new fans Jacq's Club. ”

Ranked #1 Dance Music Performer, Composer, NY, NY - Jacquescoley's Club

“Hypnotic sounds, I like it! Please post more songs. Have an amazing 2013! ”

#1 Experimental/Trip Hop/Ambient, Lake Elsinore, CA - RINGWERM - Band

"Sanctuary" is one of the best metal songs of all time and the talent here is undeniable. This is a true horns high and metal up experience every time I visit. You Rock!

Ranked #3 Alternative/Acoustic/Emo, San Francisco, Ca - Delaney Simpson - Composer/Singer

“Hey totally loved your music. I am a fan for sure now. It would mean the world to me if you would come check out my music and fan me back. Happy Holidays to you and your family.”

Rated #1 Pop/Soul/Vocal Jazz,Sacramento, CA - Korie Anne - Vocalist

“Great tune..killer guitars ”

#1 Rated Metal/Hard Rock Band, Tonawanda, NY - SIC SIN

“Top notch, killer music ”

Ranked #3 Rock, Alternative Composer, Atlanta, GA - Robert Machado

“'Sanctuary' is surely a Genius piece!!! Amen ”

Rated #1 Thought Rock/Lyrical Composer, London, ON, CA - the th0ught pr0v0ker

“Sanctuary,your song is played from the heart with passion. Powerful vocals and really nice style of playing. From the Devils Daughter, Judy Shire xxx ”

Rated #1 Rock Performer, Composer, Northhampton, UK - Judy Shire

“Great sounds Blake!! Awesome work on the vocals ”

#8 Rank Metal/Hard Rock Band - Vancouver, BC - MY OWN CHAOS

“This is the best metal I've ever heard. Vocals are sweet and catchy for radio, but there is nothing wimpy about this band. The guitar playing is 1st class and the drumming is full throttle. This is the band to be watching right now. Sanctuary is f#*cking the shit!!!”

Avid Metal Music Listener & Player - JD - Drummer

"Sanctuary" Great song guys! Luv it! Keep it metal \\M//

Tia - Vocalist, Composer, Queen of New York, NY - VINES OF VENOM

“Dark & heavy I'm a fan! ”

Hip Hop Producer, Composer Minneapolis, MN - Jflo DaBoss

“Blake, h\Had to stop on by and listen to "Sanctuary", what a killer song!..Those dark yet melodic vocals, guitar work, bass, drums and structure are truly impeccable!..\m/ Pete ”

Ranked #13 Metal, Classic Rock Band, Daly City, CA - The Honest Mistake Band

“ i like how you executed the tunes, and it became something that always people called it as "ART", FANTASTIC WORK ! ”

Rated #1 Experimental, Mulit Genre Composer, Jakarta, ID - Dani Mkd in GOODWILL

“ Great chops! Awesome style!!You have my support”

Rated #3 Metal Shredder - Simi Valley, CA - ZAFRIUS - Guitarist, Composer

“Great stuff mate! Love the lead guitar work, Great atmosphere to your music. ”

#1 Rated Rock/Punk Band Paarl, ZA - The Old-Timers

“Fo sha never heard such an awesome Metal track!!!! Awesome!! We want more! Bring em! Thumbs up! ”

Hip Hop/Gansta Rap Artist Nairobi, KE - Diamonah

“Blake Nelson is the dawg! Keep up the good work guys! ”

Kick Ass Punk/Hard Rock Band Chino Hills, CA - Vermaletta

“Gotta love BLAKENSTEIN!!!! Hell Yeah!!!! ”

#1 Rated Singer/Composer N. Babylon, NY - Demon Boy - Horror Rock

“Fantastic guitar playing and hooks! Best to you, G ”

Rock Musician/Composer Rated #9 Dallas, TX - G William Boyd

“Really great tracks, brilliant stuff!... ”

Rated #4 Indie Artist/Composer Jakota, ID - LING-LING ALFARI

“ Great stuff guitarist shreds awesome ”

Reverb Nation Metal Fanatic - pablo666

“ Blakenstein are Huge! Epic sounds, quality production, we love you guys! Keep setting the level of the bar! ”

#1 Rated Rock Band in North UK - Sucker Frantic

“Now that's heavy metal!! ”

Punk Band Rated #6, Chicago, IL - Solution Unsatisfactory

“Hey guys :) your song Sanctuary I love it!!! Cheers from Serbia \m/ ”

Stanojevic Jelena - Metal Music Fan in Serbia

“Your Music will burn the Sky, guys !! Keep on Rockin' all the way !!”

Prog Rock - Ranked #31 Paris, Fr - Eye To Eye

“Awesome Rocking Blake!”

Blues Rock Musician Composer, Rank #2 England - Kevin Zen

“You guys are beasts! Seriously awesome guitar riffs and vocals! Man that is some heavy stuff right there! SICK!!”

Alternative Rock - Chris Mauldin - Musician, Composer -Present Days Bliss Ranked #2 - Columbia, SC

“Oh, I love this music.Real Metal. Awesome vocals.Super craftsmanship.”

Ranked #3 Simi Valley, CA - Zafrius - Metal Musician Composer

“METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blakenstein fucking rules! I absolutely love the music. You guys are totally getting recomended. Just awesome music guys. Keep up the fantastic work. ”

LA Metal Composer - Performer - The Comet

“I love Blakenstein's Sanctuary! Great harmonious sounds. People need to hear this song! I highly recommend it!”

Sierra RN Metal Music Fan

“Sanctuary is an epic rock aria of a song. The juxtaposition between Arminta's mellifluous timbre and the metal vocals brings an extra dimension to the texture of this song and is further augmented by the shower of dolorous melodic minor broken scale patterns and accomplished axe grinding. Look forward to seeing you live ”

Natalie Perdu - Composer - Whitstable, England