Black Winter / Press

“They create an outcome that is stuck days and days in your mind. Indeed by listening to song hymns like "Hellenic War" you'll catch your self humming the melody.”

Agelos Alexias - Greekrebels

“With the vocal skills of singer Astrous and the traditional songwriting, the band manages to fulfill easily its infernal promise!”

“Everyone knows that Greek bands as Rotting Christ, Black Winter, Astarte are big names of the world metallic scene...”

Paradise Metal in a Greek band's review - Paradise Metal (Brazil)

“...I got to point that they had perfect sound - probably the best sound I have heard in the specific club-. ”

Chris Papadakis - Metal Invader (GR)

“From a sole listening their stuff is easily singled out from the whole crap that infests the extreme fields of metal.”

Thomas Nikiforou - Metal Invader (GR)

“After a nice intro the furious possession takes control. Fast beats interact with mid pace tempos. Vocals are high screaming and spewing out the nihilistic lyrics.”


“it is obvious that this band works hard and evolves their sound in each release”

Metal Legacy

“ Rotting Christ, Nightfall, Septic Flesh and Necromantia should be jealous of that demo release of the Larisseans”

Antonis Koumiotis - Metal Mare