While many bands set off intending to be the next big thing, few stay the distance to arrive as the genuine article. With an intermingling of nuFunk, soulful jazz, light rock, neo-soul and the spoken word…The Black Wax sound has an appeal that parallels the bands of the 1970’s. Their unique musical blends create a sound that is difficult to singularly categorize. This New Jersey based band shrugs off any worries about genre or showcasing their chops, they just plow ahead with a confidence of reaching their goal of a collection of enjoyable songs ripe with creative integrity. This is a result of the bands musical maturity and a conscience decision to stay true to the music.
The band consist of four members Asad (drums), Bruno (lead guitar), Don (bass guitar) and Roses (floetry). When forming the band Asad’s vision was a band free of categories, and as the drummer he wanted to blend the rhythmic vibe from all music genres with the soulful funk of the 70’s bringing up the bottom, and much like his drumming technique Black Wax created a unique sound that will stand the test of time. Lead guitarist Bruno is a fleet fingered guitarist who adds a unique flavor in mixing distinctly different chords into a perfect blend and makes the standard unrecognizable.
Don is a roller coaster bass ride of sheer funk. You will think you’re hearing base lines from greats such as Stanley Clark and Bootsy Collins as he grinds out heavy melodies as funky as the entire seventies era, when music was fun, funky and told a story.
Roses, is a spoken word artist who laces cleverly phrased words to the Black Wax sound. Many of the lyrics in the songs are from her endless repertoire of poem’s that allows her to smoothly blend the spoken word in with singing. It’s hard to describe their eclectic sound; it’s a passion filled, powerfully funky, syncopated, distinct freedom ride, that capsulate the “soul of an artist”. Their music is perfected in independence and the musical conversation among solid musicians and vocalist can clearly be heard. Black Wax is more than a tight and gifted group of creative artists. Their strong melodic approach demonstrates that the band has something meaningful to say, so listen and watch for the movement.

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