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“The sultry voice of Erin Young, paired with the soulful resonator guitar skills of Seth Young, makes for an unforgettable sound. The dynamic husband/wife duo hail from Elkins, but have traveled all over, from the Appalachian mountains to southeast Asia and eastern Europe. They won the solo/duo division of the 2012 Appalachian Blues Competition and made a stop in Beckley Sunday on their way through to Memphis, where they will compete in the International Blues Challenge Wednesday. ...Blackwater Mojo plays the kind of music that makes you want to get up and dance. The band describe their style as “rock de-evolved” and compare their sound to bands like The White Stripes and The Black Keys. While the Stripes and the Keys have predominantly male vocals, Blackwater Mojo leaves the vocal work to Erin, giving them a unique spin on blues rock. Their sound is certainly raw and edgy, with lyrics to match — “I’ve never seen the devil, but I’m pretty sure he’s seen me.””

"The sounds of Blackwater Mojo of Elkins, West Virginia could be heard performing at the 6th Annual Appalachian Blues Competition on Saturday night at the Sound Factory in Charleston. The husband and wife duo of Seth and Erin Young competed in the solo/duo category of the competition. Erin, who is the vocalist of the duo, said the couple has been aware of the competition for some time, but that this was the first time they have participated. “This is the first time we’ve been in the blues competition. We’ve seen it happening and we’ve always missed the date. Either we’ve been booked somewhere else or we just couldn’t make it down for some reason. This year it worked out and we were really exited to have opportunity,” she said. Young also said that West Virginia is a supportive environment for what they do... Blackwater Mojo went on to take first place in the solo/duo category of the competition..."

"The raw sound we strive for is one that was heard in pre-war blues music and has been popularized in the current era by rock bands like The White Stripes and The Black Keys," Erin Young said. "It's a sonic that isn't often explored in contemporary roots, country and blues records, which tend to have more of an Americana or pop polish. The sound we want is somewhat genre-less and rough around the edges - at once vintage and modern."

The Inter-Mountain

“Blackwater Mojo is the "rock de-evolved" duo formed by husband and wife Seth and Erin Young from Elkins West Virginia. Shying away from being put into a strictly "blues" category due to instrumentation, the band describes their sound as "rock de-evolved." As if to say they are taking music as it has developed to this date, and pushing it through a pre-war filter.”

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