Black Tie Vendetta / Press

“Length Of An Ocean is an album which is as intriguing as it is pleasing, a release which without breaking down new musical doors still plays with and denies expectations with a collection of songs oozing diversity and imagination.”

“Black Tie Vendetta is making its way through the local hard rock scene with its 2007 release Length of an Ocean and a number of appearances toward the end of last year. I was a little worried that the band was going to be another cutout screamo death metal band, but the group has some decent writing chops and some sweet heavy guitar action. In fact, the members could be the hard rock equivalent to Black Tie Dynasty, being that their stuff is fairly radio friendly (sorry, guys, if that's the kiss of death) and similar to some of the heavier stuff found in many a top 10. They describe themselves as "one of the fastest growing rock bands within the Texas music scene" citing punk and metal as influences. Hear the Band: Black Tie Vendetta has some good stuff on its MySpace Page. ”

Rich Lopez - Dallas Observer

“If you add the energy and heaviness of Flyleaf with the vocal sounds and creative writing skills of Incubus, you will get something like local band Black Tie Vendetta. ”

Renee Caldwell - Lit Monthly