““a signature slice of the new breed of stadium electro-pop: a track that combines spiky dance-punk guitars with M83 synth intensity and a fun. (the band) - sized chorus."”

“Hometown boys Black Taxi make up one of New York top rockin’ pop bands on the scene today. They’ve been turning out songs that jump from gritty dance grooves to crunchy guitar riffs, and top them with smart lyrics and impressive musicality.”

“Indeed 'memorable' is an adjective which complements this record perhaps more than any other, such is the strength of it's appeal. These aren't songs written by your average band from New York's underground, these are masterful and sophisticated nuggets worthy of some of the best releases of the year, and barring something spectacular We Don't Know Any Better will be right up there in the indie-pop stakes in eleven months time. Unbelievably catchy from the offset, it's a record that pulls you in on first listen and only strengthens it's grip with repeated spins, and ultimately is one deserving of so much more attention than it will inevitably receive.”

"BLACK TAXI isn't the soundtrack; it's the movie."

“Clue into BLACK TAXI who has frequently been called “Brooklyn’s best kept secret”; but this cat’s about to be out of the bag in a big way. With their contagiously danceable riffs, monster hooks, and animated theatricality, the band has enough charisma and talent to draw even the most cynical hipster out of their shell and cause a raucous good time on the dance floor. BLACK TAXI is complex yet universally instantaneous and immediate, recalling Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand, Talking Heads, and The Strokes. And just in case you were worried you’d get bored watching these guys, their live show is something to be witnessed. Augmenting the standard line-up of drum, bass, guitar and vocals are carnival drums, glockenspiel, trumpet, keyboards and synths.”

“It becomes exponentially obvious that as these boys from Brooklyn get busy they don’t care who is watching or what you think of them; they are simply predisposed to deliver dynamic musicality and captivating Vaudevillian stage antics without the desire, or ability, to exact any less.”

“Things of that Nature is a high-octane, toe-tapping album packed with strong, funky guitar riffs, to graceful rockabilly songs that have the feeling of celebration with their hip-shaking rhythms. If the Clash and the Talking Heads were to have offspring, it would be BLACK TAXI”

Billy Seidel - Performer Magazine