Black Tar Prophet / Press

“There’s some semblance of the blues running its course in the drunken grime riffs and deliberately desolate percussion…you’ll find yourself nodding your head when you least expect it, but those looking for something on the positive tip of doom should stay far, far away from this festering shit-pit rock.”

"Deafen" delivers an unapologetically raw, corrosive barrage of sludgy, tar-thick bass riffing, battering drum work and fuzzy noise-strewn, distortion meant to be played at strategically loud volumes.

“You aren’t going to get the “cool” image with Black Tar Prophet, instead they just deliver ugly music played beautifully”

“BLACK TAR PROPHET is the motherfucking shit, and their soon-to-be released album, Deafen … will have you addicted. This sludge duo bring way more than just the heavy, they bring heavy blues that will speak to the deep, dark caves of your soul”

“Bearing a noxious brew of fuzz and misery-powered fuckcrush akin to Bongzilla, Buzzov*en, Weedeater, Noothgrush and the like, yet void of any vocal contributions, it’s pretty obvious from opening note to crushing closing of every track what the instrumental act is focused on; playing purely pummeling auditory filth with corrosive drugs coursing through it all.”

“Black Tar Prophet make noise-strewn doom experiments that are some of the city’s most intense and interesting tunes”

“The instrumental duo makes sludge as thick and slow as an Antarctic ice sheet, delivering gut-wrenching low-end and pummeling beats with an experimental edge.”

“The Black Tar Prophet guys, a three string bass and a drummer at this point, did what seemed to be a two second sound check and soon entered an instant wall of dark psychedelic metal sound. A very captivating set, it went nonstop as though it was but one song, whether it was or not.”

“Despite the fact that guitarist Mark Owen left the band just before the recording, nothing much has changed in the dirty, straight and raw sound of BLACK TAR PROPHET. Greg is still a massive purveyor of slow, distorted noises, damn crushing and infectious...”

“Black Tar Prophet seem primarily interested in rocking out on a creepy groove and they get the job done.”

“A solid as well as interesting release that is hardly ever tiring or boring. Quite heavy in style, it takes the listener on quite a trip that has its moments.”

“Musically, the style was very droney and obviously they are majorly influenced by bands like Saint Vitus, Electric Wizard, Sleep, E.H.G. etc, but on top of that influence, there was a sense of despair in Owen’s guitar riffs that set off a pretty vicious vibe for me and the super loud amps they used made it even more brutal. I’d say they were one of the loudest bands i’ve seen since Jucifer played here last year which is saying alot.”