Black Snake / Press

“Black Snake "Death Deals Blues" - This EP has been in our queue for a while. We finally got around to spinning it and now we are wondering why it took us so long to do so. "Death Deals Blues"from Portland's Black Snake has a sound that lies smack dab in the middle of the desert rock of Fu Manchu and the heavy southern boogie of Four Horsemen. The down-tuned fuzzy riffs and whiskey-fueled vocals make for a perfect pairing. The title track starts things off with a Sabbath-like riff that explodes out of the speakers before settling into a fuzzed out groove. The vocals are reminiscent of Scott Hill, with a very similar vocal cadence. "Bottle Rocket" starts out sounding like a modern day "Radar Love" just dirtier and sludgier then launches into a full force boogie number. The album's best riff kicks off "Spoils Of War", it has an old school Anthrax feel to it. Very cool tune. "Word To The Wise" sounds a lot like "Hung Out To Dry", with its start/stop riff and groove. The EP”

“Rock doesn’t have to be complicated. Yes, there’s a place for experimentation, but the lysergic fountain of rock has always adhered to a simple solution: groove and rhythm. Black Snake, a ‘70s-worshipping four-piece from Portland, use this basic formula to devastating effect, while incorporating fuzz-laden grooves and nonsensical lyrics – Shawn Baravetto channels his stoner-punk persona throughout.”

“Black Snake is a band of sleazebags. Don't worry, I'm fairly sure the band will take that as a compliment. The group...churns out heavy, throbbing stoner metal riffs that come covered in tattoos and drenched in cheap strip-club beer, with moss growing out their sides. It's '70s-inspired hard rock ain't reinventing the wheel, but the wheels it does have are attached to a pretty bitchin' Trans-Am. Sometimes, that's all you need.”


“Top notch show. The band was in fine form, sounding tighter than ever. Alabama Black Snake brings mighty rock to the stage, and they are developing into an impressive outfit. Lots of personality, heavy riffage, and full-on rhythmic assaults to the pelvis.”

“There is plenty of Mick [Jagger] in Alabama Black Snake. There is also a lot of Sabbath and Stooges blended in there.”

“The gritty rock of Alabama Black Snake headlines this awesome showcase of local Portland bands. Darkly meaty with metal guitars and abusive rhythm that punches with the force of a prize fighter, Greg T and his fellow outlaws play the sleazy back ally rock'n'roll indicative of dive bars and false neon promises. ”

“Alabama Black Snake took the stage and roared through a set that was rock at its purest, a big-banging sound that included covers of the Who’s "Seeker: and Black Sabbath’s "Supernaut". Front-man Greg Thompson howls and taunts the audience like a man possessed while the band struts about the stage and, I’ve said it before and it won’t be the last time, rocks like crazy.”