Black Partridge / Press

“Black Partridge is a well kept secret from the Prairie State of Illinois that grabbed our attention from the very first listen in a truly refreshing way...causing a small change in air pressure that we humans perceive as sound; a very unique Black Partridge sound that is.”

““Right Place” is a successful experiment of ghostly vocals and creaky guitars, suitable for a cobweb-laden haunted house. Mick’s voice comes in sharply over flowing guitar riffs. The melodies are not harsh, but strong. Mick has a sweet raspy voice akin to Britt Daniel, Finn Andrews, and Alasdair MacLean. His variety in pitch makes gender somewhat incongruous for those not familiar with Mick’s name. Mick showcases his vocal range in “Right Place” much like Victoria Legrand throughout Beach House’s Teen Dream. All of these inadvertent influences lead to a distinctive song that is slightly reminiscent of these artists. The mostly constant, unhurried harmony creates a tune that is flows easily without reaching mundane placidity.”