Black Mountain Symphony / Press

““One thing great about this group: they fit so many areas. No one’s out there like Black Mountain Symphony, these guys are unique… The champagne of eclectic music… It’s wonderful! I mean it throws you, because you think bluegrass one minute and then the violin comes in and then the keyboard comes in and then it sounds completely different. It’s so wonderful! I don’t mean to go on and on, but I’m really becoming a really big fan. I just have never heard anything like it. It’s wonderful, it’s refreshing and it’s not a softdrink.” ”

"Cabinfest veterans (Black Mountain Symphony) were finally able to bring their entire ensemble to Andes, and it resulted in a mind-blowing set of remarkable songwriting, a sonic wall of noise, and a late night opening slot that showed why people leave Cabinfest each year with this band's songs stuck firmly in their shaken heads."

Jay Cowit, Kieren Murphy - Cabinfest Rundown

“With intricate arrangements and mood shifts, the band’s songs combine Kribs’ folk and rockabilly background; Palinski’s time with jazz, punk and rock bands; Annie Campo’s classical violin and fiddle; and Bear Campo’s love of Yanni and John Tesh. Bear Campo calls the band’s music “symphonic groove pop.””

"Many CD's will claim to defy a specific genre label, but Black Mountain Symphony's redefines eclectic here. The music combines synthesized rock grooves with classic jazz rhythms and you don't have to listen too closely to hear Americana and bluegrass elements here either. Evidence of the rich diverse nature is found on their CD baby page, where in addition to samples of their eleven original songs you'll find the music recommended to both fans of the sounds of Fleetwood Mac and Yes. Enough said."

Arthur Gonick - Pulse, Saratoga Today