“Everybody loves a little something Special , well this event has a REALLY Special something for everyone. Call it BLACK MARKET SPECIAL - out of Fayetteville NC and Led by Front man Jason Hall , lovingly referred to as "Shaggy" (well... maybe not so lovingly a time or two as well, lol ) Shaggy has been doing this music playing thing his whole life, he spent a period of time signed to a well known label, out on the road as a solo artist, Shaggy missed the camaraderie that comes with having a whole band to play with, hence along came "Black Market Special" armed with his Lead guitarist & back up vocalist Josh Taylor who is not only a phenomenal guitarist but would make a hell of a toothpaste commercial model ( girls, see his pictures for validation) , That badass Drummer Jeffrey Hall, who has to be one of the best drummer around, at the very least, in the state of NC and newest addition, bassist and super sweetheart Mike Kantor , Black Market Special - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Black”

Vicki Beacham - Metal Strength Music