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“Blacklist A Long Time Coming The first spin of the first track on BlackList’s new disc got lots of headbobbing and horns up from the rowdy crowd at Reno’s – and it was not a metal crowd. “One Foot in the Grave” is the first of many great tracks on Long Time. BlackList has been rocking Dallas for many years and, as the CD title suggests, fans have waited patiently for this release. Dave Little (guitar/vocals), Tony Smith (bass) and Christopher Bowling (drums) deliver their trademark “swamp metal,” which is to say bluesy, grungy riffage turned up to 11. But the power trio doesn’t settle in there – the song writing is so accomplished that you’ll find sounds ranging from slow, sexy ooze to a razor sharp blade of stinging metal to pierce even the most hardcore eardrum. Long Time evokes Soundgarden, BLS and Rage Against the Machine throughout and that ain’t bad! Check out highlights One Foot in the Grave, Creeper, Splinters and Battle Hymn then throw horns up!”

“BlackList - Live at The Curtain Club, Self-Released BlackList, who has persevered through the years, mixes two parts Down with one part Badmotorfinger-era Soundgarden to create a meat-and-potatoes sound that dares you not to bob your head. Dave Little’s guitar is thick as molasses and played with precision, while he slathers on howling vocals. Tony Smith (bass) and Christopher Bowling (drums) bring more than enough rumble to the sludgy grooves. The whammy pedal-driven guitar solo of “Splinters” gives way to Corrosion of Conformity stylings, while the breakneck outro of “Right Wing” is circle-pit inducing. BlackList is a power trio in the truest sense. (D.J. Ivie)”

“Blacklist - 10/14/08, Skillman Street Blacklist is a three-piece powerhouse featuring Dave Little (vocals and killer guitar solos), Tony Smith on thunderous bass and Christopher “Hillbilly” Bowling (drums) keeping the strong sound alive. Always a thrill for their fans, they played all originals including “Right Wing,” “The Creeper,” “Battle Hymn” and “Splinter.” Though an early show, there was still a large crowd at the front of the stage their entire set. Recently returning to the DFW music scene, Blacklist is a trashing success full of power, attitude and talent not to be missed. (Kim “Kimber” Polen)”