Blackland River Devils / Press

“it seems darrin kobetich is in a new band every week:”

“Blackland River Devils churn out spry bluegrass and Dust Bowl ballads. With a simple arrangement of banjo, steel guitar, upright bass, mandolin, and fiddle — of course there’s a fiddle — the quartet spits out floor-stompers, looking to kick up some trouble along with nostalgia for even-poorer-than-now times.”

“Maybe it’s the speed at which the Blackland River Devils churn out their splendid bluegrassy hoedowns or the variety of instruments employed (mandolin, banjo, dobro). Whatever the case, the devils can mesmerize.”

“Ex-metalhead Darrin Kobetich leads his Blackland River Devils through the Bad(-ass)lands of old-timey music and bluegrass.”

“...and there may be no better band than local trad-bluegrass stompers the Blackland River Devils to do it...”