Black Label Australia / Press

“The December 10 show that I caught was warmed up by The Corps (square-jawed punk with Oi flavours) and Black Label (superb blues-rock royale, a little Thin Lizzy, a little Led Zep, a lot tough as nails). During their last song I remember thinking that Rose Tattoo couldn’t possibly be more filthy, more urgent than what Black Label were putting out.”

“Black Label loves the small intimate pub gigs saying, The crowds love us. We put the Ocker back into Rocker. The boys have performed with some of our best including The Angels, Rose Tattoo, The Radiators, Diesel, The Screaming Jets and Electric Mary. "When you put us in a small room" says Geordie, "it's like driving a hot V8 in city traffic at 20 km/h, it's just impossible! The thing just wants to jump out of the box" The boys credit their action packed live performance down to an adrenalin rush and the crowd. Also, the live sound is only possible due to having the same 'back line' as AC/DC - Gibson guitars, Sonar drums and Marshall amps. The Boys put everythng into their music and they also seem to go all out when it comes to their merchandise, CD's and T-Shirts which are all available at the gigs and on the black label website and social media network sites. Get behind the band who gets behind us! Black Label”

“Black Label are the best live band in Australia – fact. Over a ten year career- they have played hundreds of shows, including countless shows with both Rose Tattoo and The Angels – and if heavy, blues based rock in the tradition of those bands is your bag – then you will dig Black Label. Make no mistake though. This is not a band playing carbon copied Brewster Brother or Wells/Cocks riffs, and whilst they certainly tip their hats to those aforementioned bands, ‘Blood Money’ confirms in no uncertain terms that Black Label are at the height of their powers and playing truly amazing, original and memorable heavy rock of the first order, and with ‘Blood Money’, they have delivered a defiant collection of ballsy heavy rock anthems. ”

“BLACK LABEL kicked the night up a gear immediately once they hit the stage. And while I'm being fashion conscious I might as well mention that the band’s getup in comparison to iJUNK’s MÖTLEY CRÜE stylings looked as if they all just rode in on their Harleys. Along with the tougher image came a tougher sound and they hit us with lots of big bluesy guitar riffs and some good ol’ Aussie rock ‘n’ roll vocals. The boys ripped through their set and particularly hit their straps with a cranking tune called Shake it which had the Sando buzzing. After witnessing their performance last time at the Sando, this gig confirmed for me that BLACK LABEL is a great live band and well worth checking out.”

“BLACK LABEL had themselves a pretty decent following in the crowd with plenty of punters singing along to the choruses and everyone seemed to be digging the sound. To sum up their sound I’d call it melodic hard rock with some Maiden influences in there for sure (respect). BLACK LABEL certainly aren’t forging forward with any new style you haven’t heard but nor would they want to. They’re pretty damn good at playing the one they do right now.”

“Sydney’s Revesby Workers Club rocked hard last Saturday – and loud! – with The Angels, supported by local rockers Black Label, who definitely set the pace for the evening. With musical influences such as AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, ZZ Top and even The Angels themselves, their hard-edged brand of blues-rock was a perfect warm-up for the legendary Aussie band. ”