Black Horse Motel / Press

“Take singer-songwriter narrative scene-driven songs; insert a blending of male and female vocals resulting in smooth strengthening harmonies. Then, enrich the entire musical experience with clean sets of strings that hover above the threshold that lies between classical and rustic Americana.”

“Red Summer Spirit has many classic folk elements but it is not your average folk album. It blends Americana in a charming way and charmed we are.”

"...an engaging sound that on the surface resembles any number of old-timey/Americana outfits employing banjos, harmonica, cello and a generally indie-folk vibe, but which occasionally nods to OK Computer-era Radiohead or Scotland’s Frightened Rabbit with its moody melodies and dramatic sonic arcs."

“The four-song set [EP] contains hooky harmonies and uber-catchy refrains in the ... poppy folk tradition; “Follow Me Down” and “The Devil That You Know” both killed it when they appeared live on the air for a Folkadelphia session earlier this year.”

“Though the line-up has been in flux since the band started in 2008, the working relationship created between current members Haney, guitarist and vocalist Josh Cradic, banjo player and vocalist David Richardson, drummer Megan Manning and viola/violin player Johnell Lawrence has proven a successful one.”