"Jesus H Christ! Let's just say someone was undoubtedly brought up on a diet of classic rock. Looking like the bastard offspring of Enuff Z'Nuff, Black Hole Gypsy really do know how to write a classic rock tune and give mehope that all is not lost in the youth of today. I've no doubt that the names of Chase Beaire, Riley Beaire, Paris Stewart and Trevor Baker will have something big to say in the future. They've already decided that they will be successful in the music buisiness and have already directly supported Lou Gramm, Steadlur, Bulletboys, XYZ, Mini Kiss, Hollywood Roses, Aranda, and The Last Vegas to name a few."

UBER ROCK music news (UK)

“Black Velvet Magazine UK (Issue 68) gives Black Hole Gypsy's debut 2010 album (Out The Window) a 4 out of 5 star review!”

"When a band features two young members it is easy to dismiss them. But this band is different. 17 year old Riley Beaire plays a MEAN guitar and produces strong and heavy solos. Sleazy hard rock, think Rose Tattoo without the slide guitar. Or if Motley Crue actually learnt to rock. But even more impressive is the vocals from 13 year old Chase Beaire. While he may be off his potential prime (and a few years too). He packs more power and range than some 2 or 3 times his age. Impressive indeed. The band are completed by SOLID bass guitar and backing vocals by Paris Stewart (20) and in your face drums by Trevor Baker. (18) It's solid rock'n'roll with honesty and talent that does strike you!"