Blackheart Afterglow / Press

“acts include Blackheart Afterglow, Jay Blackburn, Extravaganza, Fighting Keegans, Doc Martin, Hairpiece Suite, Fully Charged, Ryan Angelis feat. Carla, Rubber Soul, Kev Kendal, Obsession, Montana, Razorawkes, Revival, Natural Thing, David Hanmer, Megan S, Sound Slaves and Gritty Britain.”

“The gig at The Yorkshire House, organised by friend Mark Simpson, features music from Carolina Vendetta, Dead Mans Hand, The Glass Poppies, Blackheart Afterglow, The Charm, Coyley and Friends and The Cosmic Fingers.”

“This event at the brewery at Lancaster Leisure Park, features performances from headliners The Feud, along with Blackheart Afterglow and The Thyme Machine.”

“I’ve made the trip from fellow seaside resort Morecambe with Blackheart Afterglow for a gig at the Blue Room which is one of the best venues I’ve ever been to for supporting unsigned and breaking bands, a true diamond in the rough. You can hear everything here from indie to metal, hip hop, folk and jazz, you name it they’ll have it on at some point and tonight’s line up is a great example of the diversity that BR offers.”

“included The Heartbreaks track Gorgeous from their album Funtimes which if you haven't listened to yet you should make a point of doing so. The band have got a couple of shows coming up, in November in London at Dingwalls (1/11) and then the Club Academy (2/11) in Manchester before returning to Smokies (21/12) in Morecambe for Christmas. Just before that The Loaded Dice are in with their single TURBO, and on the other side Blackheart Afterglow with their single She Really Goes. Both bands will play on the same bill at the Ducie Bridge in Manchester later this month on the 29th so get along if you're in town, it's free!”

“Garden-fresh tracks "Rapture" and "She really goes" have definitely raised the musical bar for them, but have reserved a familiarity to their original EP’s direction. Accordingly, as well as keeping long time listeners contented, it should also draw in a new horde of faithful disciples.”

““The Familiars” is a fast paced tune and is probably the stand out effort on the EP, it feels freer, more imaginative and generally more expressive. It is the first time the guitars and voice are allowed to soar and feel unrestricted. “You’ll never run with the pack” seems apt, this track is well ahead of the pack. Finally comes “May God Have Mercy On Your Black Soul” which sounds like it should be heavy metal and have generally unpleasant lyrics. It isn’t…It starts with a europhic “Yeah, yeah, yeah” and the almost screaming choruses sound triumphant and defiant. The chorus is a bit of genius, it sounds brilliant. The rock outro to the song is a lovely bit of instrumental work which ends the on the right note.”

“Our local music scene is thriving at present and the Ma Murphy's battle of the bands final was further proof. While bands such as The Heartbreaks, Idol Minds and Liar Liar have grabbed the headlines of late, five entrants in the Irish pub's contest on August 25 are definitely coming up on the rails. Up to 300 people jammed into the pub to hear the performances from punk metal teenagers Scarred ID, rockers Blackheart Afterglow, funk soul outfit Big Door Open, melodic pop act The Remedy Project and loud and proud heavy metal-heads Massive Blackheart Afterglow were the eventual winners,the five piece's dynamic brand of brooding rock 'n' roll earned them the £500 prize. The band, fronted by Turner, are tipped to go on to great things. Edited PJT ”

“Blackheart After Glow formed in September 2010. Their new EP is available online and is soon to be printed, pressed and released to the wider world. Red Rose had a listen to see what we thought. For a band so recently formed, opener “Crash” gets off to a mature and strong (like a cheese) start. The guitar rocks, they sound cool and heavy; giving the song real presence and attitude. read more via the link”