Black Dog Prowl / Press

“Just barely a year old, newbies Black Dog Prowl are producing music indicative of a band with far more miles on their career. Their debut album, “Half Truths and Lies,” exemplifies this fact as the group packages screaming guitar riffs, alternating lead vocalists, and door-busting drums into a unique and gripping ten tracks. While the album drips with the grunginess that has come to characterize many D.C. bands, perhaps its strongest point is its diversity. As “Half Truths” moves from the opening action-packed guitar track “Gallows,” (AC/DC comes to mind) into the softer, more apathetic “Step Forth” (think Alice in Chains), then to the fast, hard-hitting “Locked and Loaded,” it takes the listener on a rock n’ roll journey that only disappoints when you realize its over.”