Black Dawn / Press

“Kotten and Tom Kelly’s twin guitar attack and memorable solos sounded really good over the rhythm team of Shawn Cox and Enzo Di Paolo. I’d definitely be down with checking out these guys again. The crowd reaction was pretty special for an opening act.”

“With such energy and rich talent, this is a band well-worth checking out.”

“Those who are connoisseurs of Heavy Metal and enjoy a variety of styles (NWOBHM, Thrash, Nu-Metal, Doom, Power-Metal), Black Dawn certainly fits the bill.”

“They're called Black Dawn and they'll have a new CD in record stores on February 17, 2015, titled "Until We Meet" to focus on. I heard the five tracks that make up "Until We Meet" (I've included a track listing) and if you're someone who likes their music loud then these are your go to guys.”

“BLACK DAWN/Until We Meet: Very solid heavy metal is what is found on this disc. Chunky, blasting heavy metal riffs with no groove and no glam crap around at all. This is solid heavy metal with your fists being held high metal. I like the thick guitar sound and the songs are heavy and catchy and this is a band playing solid straight forward metal that not many bands are doing these days and I liked what I heard.”

““Until We Meet” is composed of five cuts that exhibit strong performances by the standard four piece combo of two guitars, bass and drums (in this case played respectively by Tom Kelly, Matt Kotten, James Lane and Enzo Dipaolo). The writing is solid from beginning to end although a bit conservative (I didn’t really hear anything I’d say broke new ground by cleverly mashing up standard styles or fusing new ideas in unexpected ways). Still, at the end of the musical day I wouldn’t hesitate saying that Black Dawn shows some hard muscle when it comes to rocking out.”

“With about as much trumpeted fanfare for their departure, Black Dawn has now returned with a new collection of recordings titled “Until We Meet” (Blue Pie Records 2014). Only offering a total of five songs the hard rock combo can’t be accused of frivolous over saturation by their fans. It’s a modest amount of material after such a long hiatus, but luckily in this case, what’s being offered is enough to temporarily satisfy this reviewer’s appetite for new music.”

“Until We Meet by Black Dawn is a pretty good little release well worth checking out if youre into the metal sub-genre known as alternative metal. Among the five tracks included are some hits and misses, but since even a single hit on an album is considered a success in the music business then Id say that Black Dawn has done a pretty good job here.”

“The appeal of this EP is that it's as visual as it is visceral. It has a lot of muscle and Black Dawn is not afraid to flex it. "Until We Meet" is a gritty, glowering, growling and powerful death punch of metal music. It's so dangerous and could be so hazardous to your health maybe it should have a warning label on it. And it does, even though it's only to warn you about explicit lyrics. My advice is it's a risk well worth taking if you're not afraid of what you may meet in the darkness. You've been warned!”

“Clocking in a bit below the thirty minute mark the five songs included on their latest release are all written by Kotten. In the true Ernest Hemingway tradition his lyrics are simple and direct, devoid of unnecessary adjectives and blunt. Instead of flourish and pretence the singer/songwriter goes for the passion and emotion when assembling his sparsely chosen words. Like the accompanying music they're minimal but intense. Lane and DiPaolo lock their respective instruments to form the foundation for Kelly and Kotten to build their riffs, very much in the vein of Mastodon's Troy Sanders and Godsmack's Shannon Larkin.”

“The sound is very good and highlights the depths of the band’s arrangement capability. The songs are dynamic and generally heavy. The instruments are well represented and the bass guitar – be it shining by itself on the aforementioned opener or on I Could Never Be or as rhythmic filler on Open The Gates – courtesy of James Lane is one highlight.”

“Their new cuts are strong and edgy with a force that tears at the heart with each pounding beat. Tracks like “Pray For Me” are begging for solace while you brace for the next guitar riff or the hypnotic voice of Matt Kotten. As you proceed through the track list you come upon another gem “Open The Gates” which brings you back to the days of the true Metal of Ozzy and Ronnie James Dio. The cutting edge guitar is reminiscent of Randy Rhodes or even Kirk Hammet.”

“Black Dawn has never been a band that relies on brute force alone, but tends to deliver on a blistering middle ground between thrash and groove that once prompted comparisons of the band playing like Metallica meets Pantera. The description is relatively accurate, given that the album stays on melody target while delivering some big riffs and hooks that sometimes transition into rapid-fire rhythm.”

“The vocals are rough, yet emotional. This is catchy and infectious music that is filled with a lot of angst.”

“This band reminded me a lot of Pantera music wise and singing wise. The band aren’t bad as they just aren’t some Pantera clone band, but they just have a sound similar to them. For the style they are playing, which I like some and mostly hate, they are better than most bands I have heard. The key to this for my ears is the riffs and the guitar crunch don’t come off to me as generic like most bands. The production on this is thick and heavy too and I just liked the songs structures and the vocals weren’t bad neither as he gets into the tunes.”

“BLACK DAWN deliver Age Of Reason with a hard metal punch. Their latest album maxes out as BD come to age, the age of hostile takeover. This album will have all you metalheads banging yer brains out to air-guitar heaven. Get this perfect fix, and pass one on to fellow thrashers for the holidays. ”

“Their music will hit you in the face and yet leave you wanting more. ”