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"Good to hear Collar finally releasing these tracks... or is about to. This track is him kicking exactly what the title suggests: tales from broken homes. Coming from Trenton, we've both seen our people be driven to crazy lives due to the stress and strife that starts within the home. Scary shit, indeed. Quantic's hypnotic track helps pull you into Biz and his bars. Taken from the forthcoming #HGA - High Grade Artistry mixtape."

“This cut was meant to drop on #BlackFriday, but it got held around for #CyberMonday. No special deals, though, this is some freebie shit. I am doing this to formally introduce you guys to Black Collar Biz, one of the illest spitters out of Trenton, NJ. Dude's a younger cat, and I've espoused his music previously, for the fact that while he's got years to grow, he already has that old mind. I saw him two years ago at the Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam, and not knowing who he was, was dumb impressed with his stage show. It'd be a year later, at one of the #GardenVariety shows, where I really got to appreciate his style. Dope mixture of the new school flavor with old school appreciation. Some proper back to the future shit. In any case, I've got a number of unreleased jawns of his, and to help give him some shine before the release of Forever Black, we're going to drop all kinds of full tracks, freestyles and other bits every Friday. This one is straight off the dome.......”

“After our special #CyberMonday introduction, here's the official kick off of Black Collar Biz's #BlackFriday series, and what better way to jump this off than with Biz going all kinds of mean on Kendrick Lamar's "HiiiPOWER"?!? I won't say BCB makes this his own, but he puts his stamp on that shit. I'm all about niggas with intelligence who can still kick that tough shit. I heard this earlier this week and was damn proud that Black got it finished and over to me. Forever Black, January 1st. If you were sleeping before, become a fan now.”

“Graffiti Culture | Black Collar Biz ”

“Black Collar Biz - “The Introduction” (by Sta2nedFilms) if u dont know…now u know…this shit is ill. Trenton stand up!!! ”

“ Black Collar Biz, from Trenton, performed at the event for the second year in a row. He performed his songs Solo Cypher, Man in the Mirror, and More Complex (MC). “The whole event is dope,” he said. “I’ve been seriously chasing the dream since ’04. Graffiti is one of the core elements of hip hop.” According to Biz, there are five senses to hip hop culture. These include the turntables, the microphone, break dancing, the fashion, and graffiti. Continue reading on Examiner.com Trenton paints a story with an original soundtrack - Newark Dance Clubs | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/dance-clubs-in-newark/trenton-paints-a-story-with-an-original-soundtrack#ixzz1ZGzZiJPJ”

“Black Collar Biz performs for the second year in a row at the Jersey Fresh Jam. He performed his songs "Solo Cypher", "Man in the Mirror", and "More Complex (MC)". Credit: Will Kasso .”


“Trenton Doe Boy Live on 1st fam Radio Tonite With TJ Commy of the DotCommiez and Black Collar Biz ( HiphopArtist)Live Interviews and music listen live at www.blogtalkradio.com/1stfamradio call in give shout outs (917)889-8297 ”

“The Introduction- Black Collar Biz- In Studio Video Shot By Eddy Weddy”

“Not sure when Forever Black is set to drop, but I had to share this cover art that Biz got Will Kasso to do. So dope. Love the Arts in my city. ”

“Black Collar Biz "The Introduction": I hope you didn't miss the video I dropped with this track last month. Glad BCB decided to let this one go. I knew he could spit, but didn't realize he went in like THIS! So Jersey, so Trenton indeed. Real heavy on this one - probably one of my favorite tracks he's done. Love the scratches in that beat to. Something to rock LOUD in your whips, but when you actually take a listen to his lyrics? Nothing but heatrockets. ”