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“BLACKBURNER US TOUR 2013 May 1st - Tiki Bar, Costa Mesa CA May 10th - 333 Live, Los Angeles ◄ STARSHIP 69 2013 ► "BASSINVSASION of LOS ANGELES" MAY June 30th – The Nile Theatre, Mesa AZ July 2nd – The Roxy Theatre, Denver CO July 5th – The Roxy, Los Angeles CA July 6th – The Plea for Peace Center, Stockton CA July 7th – The Roseland Theater (Peter’s Room), Portland OR July 8th – Studio Seven, Seattle WA July 9th – The Wax House, Boise ID July 11th – Blackwater Music, Albuquerque NM July 13th – Jake’s, Lubbock TX July 14th – Super Happy Fun Land, Houston TX July 16th - Hanger 13, New Orleans LA July 15th – The Curtain Club, Dallas TX July 17th – Fubar, St. Luis MO July 18th – Reggie’s Rock Club, Chicago IL July 20th – Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines IA July 21st – The Token Lounge, Detroit MI July 22nd – Mickey Finn’s Pub, Toledo OH July 23rd – The 21 Lounge, Cleveland OH July 24th – Club Radioactive, Kittanning PA July 26th – The Vibe Lo”

“Comfortably Numb is a spin on the great Pink Floyd track but in this case Blackburner have managed to put even more emotion into an already emotional track. This is an amazing cover of one of my favourite tracks. Blackburner really show their talent with tracks like Planet Earth Attack, Burn Burn Burn!, Too Close and Comfortably Numb. There is also music where you can really lose yourself in like 50 Grades Of Space, I’m In Love With The City and Electric Flesh.”


“The dynamic and highly-energized multi-dimensional band, Blackburner, have returned with their second album, debuting on September 25th. Their genres capitulate on dubstep, industrial and house, with several other key influences mixed in. This is what creates their diverse effect, and huge interest with their fans and critics.”

“PLANET EARTH ATTACK further illustrates the bold creativity Blackburner has become known for. Crossing EDM genres of dupstep, glitch, and house with progressive rock, industrial, and noise, the 17-track collection is a journey from depths to heights and back with beats that physically resonate. On “Apocalypse,” vocalist Jessica Jean adds an ethereal edge to the dystopian anthem, while “In Love With The City” infuses a more progressive house sound highlighted by singer Geri X. The single “50 Grades of Space “ is the definitive example of Blackburner’s ability to aurally transport the body and mind with sonic manipulation of tempo and intensity.”

“An unsparing document of the coarsend electro-dance between chaos and pefidious calulations awareness - who have done justice”

“Feel the Burn, his first proper full-length release, offers not only the staple dubstep sound full of wobbly beats, dangerous bass drops, and psyhedelic audio distortions, but attempts to mix them up with drum & bass, rock and industrial.”

“With over 50,000 individual downloads on ITunes, Blackburner is exploding onto the electronic scene. Mastermind and multi-talented producer/musician Skyla Talon created new soundscapes similar to metal-head-turned-DJ SKRILLEX tunes, infusing glitch and dubstep into a volcanic dance explosion.”

“Blackburner’s mastery over styles is fantastic and reminds us why we love them: they are fucking bipolar. Dripping with an original sound as disturbing as their sci-fi on-stage image, the group balances their psychosis out with tantalizing and catchy hooks. Just try to not bob your head when listening to “The World is Ours.””

“On June 28 and 29, Industrial-metal pioneers Ministry returned to the town that birthed them, Chicago, on their reunion tour. Photographer Brigette Sullivan of Outer Focus Photos was there on the first night, which saw dubstep outfit BlackBurner opening the show.”