Black Bottom Lighters / Press

"Selling out a 1,200-person venue for an album-release party may be a pipe dream for many Phoenix locals. But for BBL, it's not really a stretch."

"... It’s a great album and a strong start for a band that is going places."

“The band's sweet, irie sounds mixed with Stillwell's distinctively raspy voice really make the band's more subdued reggae tracks, like "Astronaut," "Home Grown," and current single "Carousel," stand out. But then tracks like "Nuclear" come off with a harder edge that leans more toward ska...”

“Black Bottom Lighters aren’t your average reggae-rock band... Though the influence of stoner bands like Sublime and 311 resonates throughout their music, Black Bottom Lighters seamlessly integrate hip-hop and other rock genres in their sound.”

“It has been a while since we have heard any new reggae-rock bands that have a sound that isn’t painfully average. Black Bottom Lighters are definitely not you average reggae-rock act at all. With the judgement you can base on these guys from the 2 new singles, “Right Time” & “Home Grown”, we think you will be impressed.”

“Black Bottom Lighters sound like Slightly Stoopid or 311 doing Sunday morning acoustic sets, but maybe even a bit better”

“You'll soon understand why this band has become an instant hit...”